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Organization: Center for Education Policy Research
Job title(s): Strategic Data Project Fellowship (2019-2021)
Description: The Strategic Data Project (SDP) is an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. The SDP Fellowship program helps school system leaders use data and evidence in strategic decision-making to improve public education. By placing Fellows in school systems and education organizations across the United States, SDP provides a unique entry point for passionate quantitative researchers and data strategists who want to make a difference.

Join a powerful, growing community of forward-thinking data advocates and leaders in more than 20 states and 100+ education organizations.

Full Description:
SDP Fellows are placed in full-time roles at host agencies including school districts, charter management organizations, state education departments, foundations, and education nonprofits. As an SDP Fellow, you and your host agency will develop clear priorities and plans for using data and build organizational willingness to use data for decision-making.

In the past, Fellows have tackled projects in one of the following focus areas:
- program evaluation
- data visualization
- early warning indicator systems
- data management and governance
- survey design and analysis
- data dashboards
- student pathways and post-secondary success
- teacher quality

Fellows also participate in a tailored curriculum in measurement, analysis, leadership, and education policy delivered by Harvard-affiliated researchers and practitioners.


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