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Organization: University of Northern Colorado
Job title(s): Postdoctoral Research Associate
Description: We seek applications for a postdoctoral researcher to work on a three-year, NSF-funded mixed methods study investigating undergraduate geology students' scientific fieldwork experiences and the role those experiences have on academic and career decisions. The representation of women in the earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences workforce is significantly lower than that of female undergraduate students majoring in these disciplines; therefore, the study will examine how and why female and male undergraduate students who engage in science fieldwork pursue science careers. The postdoctoral research associate will work with a highly collaborative team. The primary responsibilities include:
a. Collect and analyze qualitative data related to student and faculty experiences in science field courses
b. Serve as data manager for qualitative and quantitative components of the project
c. Serve as project manager to oversee logistical aspects of the project
d. Present and publish findings from the study
e. Attend project meetings

Full Description:
Minimum Qualifications
PHD or ABD or equivalent in education, sociology, science education, psychology, or educational psychology. 3-5 years work conducting qualitative and quantitative education research or completion of a PhD in which these skills were developed.

Preferred Qualifications
Knowledge/expertise related to social cognitive career theory and gender theory.
Knowledge of or experience in science field courses.
Contact: Julie Sexton

To apply:

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