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Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness

Conference Speakers

The following group of highly accomplished investigators will present, and discuss, their recent findings:

Section 1 – Literacy for Diverse Student Learners
Diana August, Center for Applied Linguistics
Maria Carlo, University of Miami
Russell Gersten, Instructional Research Group
Joe Torgesen, Florida State University

Section 2 – Instructional Interventions for Mathematics and Science Education
David Klahr, Carnegie Mellon University
Alice Klein, University of California, Berkeley
Andy Porter, Vanderbilt University
Bill Schmidt, Michigan State University

Section 3 – Teacher Quality and Quality Teaching
Geoff Borman, University of Wisconsin
Laura Desimone, Vanderbilt University
Ronald Ferguson, Harvard University
Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin

Section 4 – Education, Mental Health, and Risk Reduction
Richard Catalano, University of Washington
Brian Flay, Oregon State University
Shep Kellam, American Institutes for Research

Section 5 – Low Performing Schools
Jane Hannaway, Urban Institute
Eric Hanushek, Hoover Institute
Helen Ladd, Duke University

Section 6 – Strategies for Studying Educational Effectiveness
Howard Bloom, MDRC
Mark Dynarski, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Stephen Raudenbush, University of Chicago
Sean Reardon, Stanford University
Will Shadish, University of California, Merced

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