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Thank you for attending the SREE 2010 Conference - Research into Practice.
We invite your critique and welcome your suggestions.

1. What elements of the conference do you feel worked well? Why?

2. What elements of the conference do you feel could be improved? How?

3. Workshop participants: please provide feedback for the presenters.

4. What topics would be of interest for workshops in 2011?

5. If workshops and other professional development activities were held at the conclusion of the conference, would you be likely to consider attendance?

6. Was a specific conference session particularly informative, useful, or thought provoking?

7. Do you have suggestions about the format of future conferences or was the current balance of symposia, paper sessions and invited talks appropriate?

8. Are there specific topics or issues that you would like to see addressed at future conferences?

9. Is early March an optimal time for SREE's annual research conference?

10. Do you favor the continuation of Washington, D.C. as host city or would you prefer a rotation? If the latter, is there a destination you prefer?

Please provide your e-mail address if we may contact you regarding this survey:

Your responses will remain anonymous unless you provide an e-mail address.

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