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SREE, Advancing Education Research
Building an Education Science: Investigating Mechanisms
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Rachel Abenavoli Pennsylvania State University
J Lawrence Aber New York University
Lisa Abrams Virginia Commonwealth University
Tashia Abry University of Virginia
Caralee Adams Education Week
Pooja Agarwal Washington University in St. Louis
Judith Alamprese Abt Associates
Craig Albers University of Wisconsin - Madison
Liz Albro Institute of Education Sciences
Karl Alexander Johns Hopkins University
Nicholas Allan Florida State University
Sue Allen National Science Foundation
Elaine Allensworth University of Chicago
Steven Alvarado University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lynn Amwake University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Lynne Anderson University of Oregon
Michele Anderson Western Michigan University
Christopher Anthony Pennsylvania State University
Helen Apthorp McREL
Scott Ardoin University of Georgia
Nina Arshavsky University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Igone Arteagoitia Center for Applied Linguistics
Allison Atteberry Stanford University
Anamarie Auger University of California - Irvine
Kevin Ayres University of Georgia
Rachel Baker Stanford University
Scott Baker University of Oregon
Ryan Balch Vanderbilt University
Rekha Balu Stanford University
Fain Barker University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Elizabeth Barkowski University of Texas - Austin
Jon Baron Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
James Barufaldi Center for Science and Math Education
Michael Bates Michigan State University
Charlie Beekman Pennsylvania State University
Andrea Beesley McREL
Tracy Bennett University of California - Irvine
Mark Berends University of Notre Dame
Juliette Berg New York University
Larry Bernstein RTI International
Eric Bettinger Stanford University
Kendra Bischoff Stanford University
Howard Bloom MDRC
Grant Blume University of Washington
Alison Boardman University of Colorado - Boulder
Geoffrey Borman University of Wisconsin - Madison
Robert Boruch University of Pennsylvania
Johannes Bos American Institutes for Research
Beth Boulay Abt Associates
Scott Bowditch University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Treana Bowling University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Paul Brandon University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Lee Branum-Martin University of Houston
Sarah Brasiel Edvance Research
Beatrice Bridglall Queens College, CUNY
Tolani Britton Stanford University
Tom Brock MDRC
Laurie Brotman New York University
Glyn Brown University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Sarah Bruch University of Wisconsin - Madison
Quentin Brummet Michigan State University
Kristen Bub Auburn University
Jacquelyn Buckley Institute of Education Sciences
Kri Burkander Michigan State University
Paul Burkander Michigan State University
Kristin Butcher Wellesley College
Vaughan Byrnes Johns Hopkins University
Esther Calzada New York University
Eric Camburn University of Wisconsin - Madison
Dennis Campbell University of South Alabama
Christopher Candelaria Stanford University
Steve Cantrell Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Elise Cappella New York University
Jennifer Carinci Johns Hopkins University
Sarah Carlson University of Minnesota
Sarah Caverly SEDL
Stephanie Cellini George Washington University
Sandra Chafouleas University of Connecticut
Madhur Chandra Michigan State University
Alan Cheung Johns Hopkins University
Marjorie Chinen American Institutes for Research
Theodore Christ University of Minnesota
Eric Christesen Florida State University
Lou Cicchinelli McREL
Nancy Clark-Chiarelli Education Development Center
Douglas Clements University at Buffalo
Virginia Clinton University of Minnesota
Catherine Close University of Minnesota
Erin Cocke New York University
Glenn Colby Vanderbilt University
Mikel Cole Vanderbilt University
Anna Comerford Stanford University
Donald Compton Vanderbilt University
Barbara Condliffe Johns Hopkins University
Dylan Conger George Washington University
Paul Connolly Queen's University Belfast
Maureen Conroy Virginia Commonwealth University
Jill Constantine Mathematica Policy Research
Mark Constas Cornell University
Thomas Cook Northwestern University
Walter Cook Michigan State University
Nancy Corbett University of Florida
Sean Corcoran New York University
Stephen Cornman Institute of Education Sciences
Richard Correnti University of Pittsburgh
Amanda Crowell Columbia University
Monica Cuevas University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kirsten Cullen Sharma New York University
Jennifer Cullinane University of Texas - Austin
Francena Cummings University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Timothy Curby George Mason University
Philip Curry Trinity College Dublin
Tran Dang University of California - Irvine
Catherine Darrow University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Ann Daunic University of Florida
Bradley Davis University of Texas - Austin
Tracy Davis Michigan State University
Mark Davison University of Minnesota
Matt Dawson American Institutes for Research
Spring Dawson-McClure New York University
Marisa De La Torre University of Chicago
Lauren Decker Edvance Research
John Deke Mathematica Policy Research
David Deming Carnegie Mellon University
Carolyn Denton University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
Kate Destler University of Washington
Jonah Deutsch University of Chicago
Kristin DeVivo Scholastic Research & Validation
David Dickinson Vanderbilt University
Steven Dieterle Michigan State University
Amanda Dillon University of Texas - Austin
Joe Dimino Instructional Research Group
Christine DiStefano University of South Carolina
Nianbo Dong Vanderbilt University
Emily Doolittle Institute of Education Sciences
Bonnie Doren University of Oregon
Karen Douglas National Center for Education Research
Jason Downer University of Virginia
Doug Downey Ohio State University
Cynthia Dubois American Institutes for Research
Katie Dufford-Melendez University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Greg Duncan University of California - Irvine
Teresa Duncan ICF International
Kelley Durkin Vanderbilt University
Mark Dynarski Pemberton Research
Susan Dynarski University of Michigan
Janice Earle National Science Foundation
John Easton Institute of Education Sciences
Caroline Ebanks Institute of Education Sciences
Julie Edmunds University of North Carolina - Greensboro
David Ellis University of South Alabama
John Engberg RAND
Brent Evans Stanford University
Bonnie Faddis RMC Research
George Farkas University of California - Irvine
Thomas Farmer Pennsylvania State University
Amber Farrington Florida State University
Laura Feagans Gould University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Charles Fehr University of Minnesota
Jill Feldman Research for Better Schools
Ron Ferguson Harvard University
Jeremy Fiel University of Wisconsin - Madison
Nikola Filby WestEd
Neal Finkelstein WestEd
Jeremy Finn University at Buffalo
Pamela Finney REL-SE
Rachel Fish University of Wisconsin - Madison
Carol Fletcher Texas Regional Collaboratives
Robert Floden Michigan State University
Sutton Flynt University of Memphis
Jessica Folsom Florida State University
Barbara Foorman Florida State University
Rob Foshay Texas Instruments
Carolyn Fraker MDRC
David Francis University of Houston
Laura Fredrick Georgia State University
Cassiopeia Freeman University of Chicago
Jill Freiberg Vanderbilt University
Andy Frey University of Louisville
Lawrence Friedman American Institutes for Research
Adam Gamoran University of Wisconsin - Madison
Beth Gamse Abt Associates
Nicole Gardner-Neblett University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Russell Gersten Instructional Research Group
Scott Gest Pennsylvania State University
Brian Goesling Mathematica Policy Research
Peter Goff Vanderbilt University
Julie Gold Michigan State University
Sara Goldrick-Rab University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lynn Goldsmith Education Development Center
John Marc Goodrich Florida State University
Robert Granger William T. Grant Foundation
Shelley Gray Arizona State University
Ariela Greenberg American Institutes for Research
Daphne Greenberg Georgia State University
Erica Greenberg Stanford University
Daryl Greenfield University of Miami
Fred Greer University of South Carolina
Noel Gregg University of Georgia
Elena Grewal Stanford University
Jeffrey Grigg University of Wisconsin - Madison
Erin Grogan Michigan State University
Jess Gropen Education Development Center
Leslie Grunden Edvance Research
Cassandra Guarino Michigan State University
Judith Gueron MDRC
Barbara Gunn Oregon Research Institute
Adam Hall University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Kelly Hallberg Northwestern University
Jennifer Hamilton Westat
Jill Hamm University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Bridget Hamre University of Virginia
Alexis Harris Pennsylvania State University
Douglas Harris University of Wisconsin - Madison
Julie Harris Michigan State University
Tiffany Harrison University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Michael Harwell University of Minnesota
Bridget Hatfield University of Virginia
Laura Hawkinson University of Pennsylvania
Ryan Heath University of Chicago
Eric Hedberg University of Chicago
Larry Hedges Northwestern University
Sara Heller University of Chicago
Mary Louise Hemmeter Vanderbilt University
Anne Henry Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Hensel University of Michigan
Monica Hetrick Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Hill New York University
Harold Himmelfarb Institute of Education Sciences
Lora Hodges University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Kerry Hofer Vanderbilt University
Amy Holmes Vanderbilt University
Brian Holzman Stanford University
Guanglei Hong University of Chicago
Art Hood University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Robert Horner University of Oregon
Eric Howard University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Jessica Howell College Board
Francis Huang University of Virginia
Min Huang WestEd
Anne Corinne Huggins University of Miami
Laura Hume Florida State University
Joshua Hyman University of Michigan
Matthew Irvin University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Andrew Jaciw Empirical Education
C. Kirabo Jackson Northwestern University
Kamil Jbeily Texas Regional Collaboratives
Marshall Jean University of Chicago
Patricia Jennings Pennsylvania State University
Monica Jochen Pennsylvania State University
David R. Johnson University of Minnesota
Stephanie Jones Harvard University
Justina Judy Michigan State University
Laura Justice Ohio State University
Tanya Kaefer University of Michigan
Dimitra Kamboukos New York University
Randy Kamphaus Georgia State University
David Kaplan University of Wisconsin - Madison
Parteesh Kaul University of Texas - Austin
Venessa Keesler Michigan Department of Education
Benjamin Kelcey Wayne State University
Robert Kelchen University of Wisconsin - Madison
James Kemple New York University
Shawn Kent Florida State University
Tasha Keyes University of Chicago
James Kim Harvard University
Alice Klein WestEd
Earle Knowlton University of Kansas
Carolyn Knox Center for Advanced Technology in Education
Julie Kochanek Education Development Center
Derek Kosty Oregon Research Institute
Andrea Winokur Kotula Education Development Center
Mina Kumar University of Texas - Austin
Janis Kupersmidt innovation Research & Training
Michal Kurlaender University of California - Davis
Leonidas Kyriakides University of Cyprus
Becky Ladd Arizona State University
Meredith Larson Institute of Education Sciences
Robin LaSota University of Washington
Doug Lauen University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Kristen Lauer National Center for Special Education Research
Jimmy Leak University of California - Irvine
Chad Lee Michigan State University
Phyllis Lee Pennsylvania State University
Jaclyn Lennon Loyola University Chicago
Matthew Lerner Florida State University
Audrey Leroux University of Texas - Austin
Nonie Lesaux Harvard University
Mark Rose Lewis University of Minnesota
Weilin Li University of California - Irvine
Christine Li-Grining Loyola University Chicago
Lauren Lindstrom University of Oregon
Mark Lipsey Vanderbilt University
Daniel Litwok Michigan State University
Chrishana Lloyd MDRC
William Loadman Ohio State University
John Lockwood RAND
Becky Logan Washington Research Institute
Christopher Lonigan Florida State University
Mai Youa Lor University of Wisconsin - Madison
Amy Lowenstein New York University
Katie Lupo University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sharon Lynch George Washington University
Charles MacArthur University of Delaware
Mary Lou Mackin Heinemann Publishing
Janet Macpherson Cambium Learning Group
Nancy Madden Success for All Foundation
Rebecca Madill Pennsylvania State University
Kimberly Maier Michigan State University
David Manzeske American Institutes for Research
Kenyon Maree Abt Associates
Ryne Marksteiner University of Wisconsin - Madison
Margaret Mary Martin University of Minnesota
Loren Marulis University of Michigan
Cynthia Mata-Aguilar Education Development Center
Erin Mathis Pennsylvania State University
Michelle Maxfield Michigan State University
Henry May University of Pennsylvania
Michael Mayer Florida State University
Brandy Maynard Loyola University Chicago
Rebecca Maynard University of Pennsylvania
Christina Mazuca Michigan State University
Rebecca Mazzullo Florida State University
Irene McAfee McGraw-Hill
Daniel McCaffrey RAND
Catherine McClellan Educational Testing Service
Sandra McClowry New York University
Sarah-Kathryn McDonald University of Chicago
Andrew McEachin University of Southern California
Joan McLaughlin Institute of Education Sciences
Leigh McLean Florida State University
Scot McNary Towson University
Michael McPherson Spencer Foundation
Paras Mehta University of Houston
Tatiana Melguizo University of Southern California
Daryl Mellard University of Kansas
Maria Mendiburo Vanderbilt University
Michael Mensink University of Minnesota
Stephen Meyer RMC Research
Megan Millenky MDRC
Brett Miller NICHD
Cynthia Miller MDRC
Sarah Miller Queen's University Belfast
Shazia Miller American Institutes for Research
Nick Mills University of Texas - Austin
Katie Mitchell Tufts University
Ayrin Molefe American Institutes for Research
Shannon Monahan Mathematica Policy Research
Marjorie Montague University of Miami
Gareth Morgan University of Texas - Austin
Paul Morphy Vanderbilt University
Pamela Morris New York University
Brian Moss Wayne State University
David Myers American Institutes for Research
Robert Nathenson Johns Hopkins University
Laura Neergaard Vanderbilt University
Michael Nelson Vanderbilt University
Nickola Nelson Western Michigan University
Susan Neuman University of Michigan
George Newell Ohio State University
Denis Newman Empirical Education
Katherine Newman Vanderbilt University
Takako Nomi Consortium on Chicago School Research
Kate Norwalk Pennsylvania State University
Carol O'Donnell Institute of Education Sciences
Kaitlin Obenauf Michigan State University
Rob Ochsendorf Institute of Education Sciences
Lynn Okagaki Institute of Education Sciences
David Olds University of Colorado - Denver
Regina Oliver Vanderbilt University
Robert Olsen Abt Associates
Hiromi Ono Institute of Education Sciences
Lorena Ortiz Berkeley Policy Associates
Cynthia Osborne University of Texas - Austin
John Papay Harvard University
Hye Jin Park University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Alison Parker innovation Research & Training
Emma Parkerson National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Jordan Pennefather Iris Educational Media
Justin Perry Cleveland State University
Robert Petrin Pennsylvania State University
Yaacov Petscher Florida State University
Meredith Phillips University of California - Los Angeles
Therese Pigott Loyola University Chicago
Jeanne Poduska American Institutes for Research
Josh Polanin Loyola University Chicago
Patty Polster St. Louis University
Paulette Poncelet Pittsburgh Public School District
Ann Poole University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Ximena Portilla Stanford University
Katherine E. Pratt University of Minnesota
Courtney Preston Vanderbilt University
Josh Pretlow University of Virginia
Cristofer Price Abt Associates
Patrick Proctor Boston College
Michael Puma Chesapeake Research Associates
James Pustejovsky Northwestern University
Kelly Puzio Vanderbilt University
Nicole Pyle University of Texas - Austin
Elizabeth Quin Michigan State University
Jamie Quinn Florida State University
Bruce Randel McREL
Carolyn Ransford-Kaldon University of Memphis
Stephen Raudenbush University of Chicago
Cybele Raver New York University
Melissa Ray Pennsylvania State University
Sean Reardon Stanford University
Randall Reback Columbia University
Linda Reddy Rutgers University
Deborah Reed University of Texas - El Paso
Sarah Reed University of California - San Diego
Jennifer Renn University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Chris Rhoads Northwestern University
Lashawn Richburg-Hayes MDRC
Jordan Rickles University of California - Los Angeles
Lloyd Rieber University of Georgia
Greg Roberts University of Texas - Austin
Kelly Roberts University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Michelle Robinson University of Wisconsin - Madison
Philip Rodkin University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign
Eric Rolfhus Edvance Research
Nancy Romance Florida Atlantic University
Bess Rose Johns Hopkins University
Cristin Ross University of Memphis
Allen Ruby Institute of Education Sciences
Erik Ruzek University of California - Irvine
Bruce Sacerdote Dartmouth College
Tyler Sasser Pennsylvania State University
Guan Saw Michigan State University
Katrina Schleisman University of Minnesota
Stefanie Schmidt Institute of Education Sciences
William Schmidt Michigan State University
Barbara Schneider Michigan State University
Steve Schneider WestEd
Peter Schochet Mathematica Policy Research
Sarah E. Scholin University of Minnesota
Heather Schwartz RAND
John Seeley Oregon Research Institute
Edward Seidman William T. Grant Foundation
Benjamin Seipel University of Minnesota
Hilary Shager University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lindsay Sharp Renaissance Learning
Leslie Shaw University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Rebecca Shearer University of Miami
Elisa Shernoff University of Illinois - Chicago
Yuliya Shneyderman University of Miami
Jane Shore Educational Testing Service
Kenneth Shores Stanford University
Tanya Shuy U.S. Department of Education
Tahnee Sidhu Tufts University
Laura Simpson University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Darcey Sims Florida State University
Judith Singer Harvard University
Stephanie Slates Johns Hopkins University
Robert Slavin Johns Hopkins University
Francis Smart Michigan State University
Keith Smolkowski Oregon Research Institute
Catherine Snow Harvard University
Brooke Soden Hensler Florida State University
David W. Solberg University of Minnesota
Michael Solis Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk
Mengli Song American Institutes for Research
Sarah Sparks Education Week
Mercedes Spencer Florida State University
Kimberley Sprague Brown University
Jessaca Spybrook Western Michigan University
Kathryn Stack Office of Management and Budget
Brian Stacy Michigan State University
Katina Stapleton Institute of Education Sciences
Prentice Starkey WestEd
Marc Stein Johns Hopkins University
Naomi Steiner Tufts University
Peter M. Steiner University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jonathan Stern Vanderbilt University
Robert Stodden University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Karen Stout University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Stuart Johns Hopkins University
Laura Stutzman Pennsylvania State University
Jessica Suhrheinrich University of California - San Diego
Terri Sullivan Virginia Commonwealth University
Min Sun Michigan State University
Amy Sussman Institute of Education Sciences
Kevin Sutherland Virginia Commonwealth University
Andrew Swanlund American Institutes for Research
Tracy Sweet Carnegie Mellon University
Kiriko Takahashi University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Ricky Takai Abt Associates
Paul Thompson Michigan State University
Elizabeth Tighe Florida State University
Emile Tilghman-Osborne Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth Tipton Northwestern University
Tammy Tom University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Alyn Turner University of Wisconsin-Madison
Denise Uehara University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Ilana Umansky Stanford University
Fatih Unlu Abt Associates
Deanne Unruh University of Oregon
Rebecca Unterman MDRC
Alexandra Ursache New York University
Michael Vaden-Kiernan SEDL
Rachel Valentino Stanford University
Ludwig van Broekhuizen University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Jan Van Damme Catholic University of Leuven
Floor Vanderzwan University of Twente
Sharon Vaughn University of Texas - Austin
Adrie Visscher University of Twente
Mike Vitale East Carolina University
Abigail Vo Virginia Commonwealth University
Michael Volonnino University of Texas - Austin
Paul von Hippel University of Texas - Austin
Yinmei Wan American Institutes for Research
Jeremy Y. Wang University of Minnesota
Qiu Wang Purdue University
Siri Warkentien Johns Hopkins University
Heather Wathington University of Virginia
Christina Weiland Harvard University
Michael Weiss MDRC
Erik Westlund Johns Hopkins University
Jade Wexler University of Texas - Austin
Courtney Wheeler University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Frankie Walton White University of North Carolina - Greensboro
John White SAS
Camille Whitney Stanford University
Betsy Williams Stanford University
Imeh Williams Stanford University
Amanda Williford University of Virginia
Sandra Jo Wilson Vanderbilt University
Coady Wing Northwestern University
Clarice Wirkala Columbia University
Sharon Wolf New York University
Vivian Wong Northwestern University
Peter J. Wruck University of Minnesota
Lucy Wynn University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Ryoko Yamaguchi Reed University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Ben York Stanford University
Benjamin Zabiotsky Johns Hopkins University
Kathleen Zadzora Pennsylvania State University
Yisu Zhou Michigan State University
Jing Zhu Metis Associates
Pei Zhu MDRC
Jessika Zmuda Johns Hopkins University

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