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Spring 2012 Conference: Understanding Variation in Treatment Effects
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Abstracts must be submitted using either (a) the structured abstract template or (b) Methods structured abstract template that has been prepared for this conference. Guidance for abstract preparation and submission is included below.

Submitters should download the template and prepare their abstract prior to beginning the abstract submission process. When ready, return to this page and upload your prepared abstract. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 1, 2011. A maximum of two abstracts per primary author will be accepted. Notification of decisions on abstracts for symposium, paper, and poster submissions will be made by December 1, 2011.

The symposium chairperson should submit all individual symposium abstracts as a single document. A maximum of four papers may be submitted per symposium. An administrative assistant may complete this process.

Poster submissions: The conference will utilize a virtual poster format. Electronic files containing the poster must be submitted to SREE by February 7, 2012. The call for papers contains more details.

*Mosteller, F., Nave, B., & Miech, E. (2004). Why we need a structured abstract in education research. Educational Researcher, 33(1), 29–34.

Frequently asked questions:

What details are required beyond the structured abstract document?

A symposium submission will include:

  • Contact (session chair) email
  • Title
  • First and second choice of conference section
  • Symposium justification – 500 word limit
  • Full structured abstract or Methods structured abstract for each paper in symposium, combined into one PDF document
  • Blinded version of the above PDF document
  • Template instructions page removed
  • Names of all authors in their intended order
  • Affiliations of all authors
  • E-mail addresses of all authors, with contact email for each paper noted
  • Paper presentation order
  • Session chair is responsible for identifying and inviting an independent discussant

An individual paper or poster submission will include:

Is there a limit on the number of times an author may appear?
An individual will be listed as an author in the conference program in no more than two places. This may be any combination of symposia, paper, or poster presentations. This restriction does not include serving as a symposium organizer, symposium discussant, or paper session chair. If an individual is an author on more than two submissions that are accepted by the program committee, we will work to facilitate the presentation of this research, within this limitation.

How do I upload my structured abstract?
Structured abstract upload is the last step of the abstract submission process and uses a very simple file uploader platform. The system will also generate a submission ID at this step, and you may choose to upload your document online or e-mail your document separately to inquiries@sree.org. Any e-mailed documents must include the submission ID which the system will generate for you.

What is my submission ID?
At the document upload stage of abstract submission, the system will provide you with a submission ID. If you've forgotten your submission ID, please e-mail us the title of your submission and the contact e-mail used to make the submission.

How do I make changes after I've made a submission?
Due to the complexity of each submission, small changes such as the order of authors or modifications to structured abstracts should be e-mailed to SREE directly. If you need to make significant changes to your submission, or for faster service, create a new submission and request that we delete the outdated record.

How do symposium submissions work?
A 500 word symposium justification written by the symposium chairperson is required. The symposium justification and structured abstracts for each paper should be assembled into a single document. Add the structured abstracts to your final document in order of presentation.

What are the requirements of a blinded PDF document?
A blinded document has author names, author information, and any obvious references to the author removed.

How do I make a PDF?
Microsoft Office 2007 and later allows you to save a document as a PDF. If you are unable to create a PDF on your computer, send your file to inquiries@sree.org and we will help you.

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