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Cari Herrmann Abell AAAS
Cristofer Price Abt Associates
Jasmine Gary American Federation of Teachers
Catherine Bitter American Institutes for Research
Marjorie Chinen American Institutes for Research
Martyna Citkowicz American Institutes for Research
Elisabeth Davis American Institutes for Research
Jared Eno American Institutes for Research
Sandra Eyster American Institutes for Research
Lawrence Friedman American Institutes for Research
Alicia Garcia American Institutes for Research
Michael Garet American Institutes for Research
Dean Gerdeman American Institutes for Research
Elizabeth Grant American Institutes for Research
Kelly Hallberg American Institutes for Research
Laura Hawkinson American Institutes for Research
Jessica Heppen American Institutes for Research
Trisha Hinojosa American Institutes for Research
Julie Kochanek American Institutes for Research
David Manzeske American Institutes for Research
Coby Meyers American Institutes for Research
Shazia Miller American Institutes for Research
Jennifer O'Day American Institutes for Research
Julia Parkinson American Institutes for Research
Jeanne Poduska American Institutes for Research
Jordan Rickles American Institutes for Research
Nicholas Sorensen American Institutes for Research
Andrew Swanlund American Institutes for Research
James Taylor American Institutes for Research
Kirk Walters American Institutes for Research
Sara Wraight American Institutes for Research
Kristina Zeiser American Institutes for Research
Kate Herndon American Printing House for the Blind
Seth Gershenson American University
Carrie Giovannone Arizona Department of Education
Carol Connor Arizona State University
Kimberly Parker-DeVauld Battle Creek Public Schools
Steve Cantrell Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
David Silver Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jason Sachs Boston Public Schools
Gregg Harbaugh Boston University
V. Scott Solberg Boston University
Robert Gordon Brookings Institution
Joseph Taylor BSCS
Laura Wentworth California Education Partners
Rachel Beattie Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Anthony Bryk Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Alicia Grunow Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Susan Headden Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Paul LeMahieu Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Sarah McKay Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Maria Mendiburo Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Sandra Park Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Elena Silva Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Sola Takahashi Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Thomas Toch Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Taylor White Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Audrey Kittredge Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Siegler Carnegie Mellon University
Celene Domitrovich CASEL
Ann McKay Bryson CASEL
Hank Resnik CASEL
Rob Schamberg CASEL
John Barker Chicago Public Schools
Angela Hsu Chicago Public Schools
Andrea Woodley College Board
Amy Farley Colorado Education Initiative
Katharine Conn Columbia University
Jaunelle Pratt-Williams Columbia University
Juliet Kandel Committee for Children
Tia Kim Committee for Children
Doug Grove Concordia University
Elaine Allensworth Consortium on Chicago School Research
Matthew Holsapple Consortium on Chicago School Research
Stuart Luppescu Consortium on Chicago School Research
Valerie Michelman Consortium on Chicago School Research
Susan Sporte Consortium on Chicago School Research
Paul Attewell CUNY
Lexa Logue CUNY
Mari Watanabe-Rose CUNY
Mikkel Bergqvist Danish Evaluation Institute
Thomas Hem Pedersen Danish Evaluation Institute
Pamela Buffington Education Development Center
Rebecca Carey Education Development Center
Peggy Clements Education Development Center
Heather Lavigne Education Development Center
Josephine Louie Education Development Center
Angela Pazzaglia Education Development Center
Julie Riordan Education Development Center
Aubrey Scheopner Torres Education Development Center
Andrew Seager Education Development Center
Michelle Hodara Education Northwest
Christopher Mazzeo Education Northwest
John Lockwood Educational Testing Service
Alicia Kielmovitch EducationCounsel
Richard Seder Emergent Policy & Systems
Denis Newman Empirical Education
Callie Little Florida State University
Christopher Lonigan Florida State University
Linda Webb Florida State University
Joshua Brown Fordham University
Jacqueline Jones Foundation for Child Development
AnnMarie Baines George Lucas Educational Foundation
Mary Jo Kuhlman Grand Rapids Public Schools
Andres Alonso Harvard University
Raj Chetty Harvard University
Corinne Herlihy Harvard University
Rachel Hitch Harvard University
Beth Schueler Harvard University
Judith Singer Harvard University
Catherine Snow Harvard University
Janet Holt Illinois Education Research Council
Bradford White Illinois Education Research Council
Andrea Beesley IMPAQ International
Cheri Fancsali IMPAQ International
Robert C. Granger Independent Consultant
Liz Albro Institute of Education Sciences
Corinne Alfeld Institute of Education Sciences
James Benson Institute of Education Sciences
Peggy Carr Institute of Education Sciences
Vinita Chhabra Institute of Education Sciences
Christina Chhin Institute of Education Sciences
Emily Doolittle Institute of Education Sciences
Sandra Garcia Institute of Education Sciences
Monica Herk Institute of Education Sciences
Erin Higgins Institute of Education Sciences
Erica Johnson Institute of Education Sciences
Amy Lerner Institute of Education Sciences
Jonathan Levy Institute of Education Sciences
Paula Maccini Institute of Education Sciences
Diana McCallum Institute of Education Sciences
Edward Metz Institute of Education Sciences
Ruth Curran Neild Institute of Education Sciences
Rob Ochsendorf Institute of Education Sciences
Ok-choon Park Institute of Education Sciences
Audrey Pendleton Institute of Education Sciences
Erin Pollard Institute of Education Sciences
Anne Ricciuti Institute of Education Sciences
Allen Ruby Institute of Education Sciences
Ricky Takai Institute of Education Sciences
Pamela Tripp-Melby Institute of Education Sciences
Russell Gersten Instructional Research Group
Faydra Alexander International Reading Association
Sandra Parker International Reading Association
Sheppard Kellam Johns Hopkins University
Douglas Mac Iver Johns Hopkins University
Martha Mac Iver Johns Hopkins University
Evan Mayo-Wilson Johns Hopkins University
Therese Pigott Loyola University Chicago
Michael Corrigan Marshall University
Rekha Balu MDRC
Alexander Mayer MDRC
Michael Weiss MDRC
William Schmidt Michigan State University
Catherine Lewis Mills College
Erika Taylor National Education Association
Jennifer Brooks National Governors Association
Alexandra Cawthorne National Governors Association
Richard Laine National Governors Association
Ryan Reyna National Governors Association
Cortney Rowland National Governors Association
Albert Wat National Governors Association
Natalie Nielsen National Research Council
Edith Gummer National Science Foundation
Karen King National Science Foundation
Gül Kremer National Science Foundation
Julio Lopez-Ferrao National Science Foundation
Ellen McCallie National Science Foundation
Sarah Kay McDonald National Science Foundation
Mark Dunetz New Visions for Public Schools
Susan Fairchild New Visions for Public Schools
James Kemple New York University
Ha Yeon Kim New York University
C. Hendricks Brown Northwestern University
Gracelyn Cruden Northwestern University
Larry Hedges Northwestern University
Yang Tang Northwestern University
Nathan VanHoudnos Northwestern University
Juan Villamar Northwestern University
Katherine Wright Northwestern University
Neil Danberg Office of Management and Budget
Bruce Penland Ogden School District
William Hill Partners in School Innovation
Dana McCurdy Partners in School Innovation
Derek Mitchell Partners in School Innovation
Marcy Baughman Pearson
Katherine McKnight Pearson
Scott Gest Pennsylvania State University
Clark McKown Rush University Medical Center
Dennis Li San Jose Unified School District
Kristen Rohanna San Jose Unified School District
Jason Willis San Jose Unified School District
Suzanne Donovan SERP Institute
Andy Baxter Southern Regional Education Board
John Easton Spencer Foundation
Nicole Arshan SRI International
Alix Gallagher SRI International
Andrew Krumm SRI International
Barbara Means SRI International
Jessica Mislevy SRI International
Robert Murphy SRI International
CJ Park SRI International
Jeremy Roschelle SRI International
Katrina Woodworth SRI International
Rachel Baker Stanford University
Graciela Borsato Stanford University
Susana Claro Stanford University
Judy Liang Stanford University
Milbrey McLaughlin Stanford University
Sean Reardon Stanford University
Carissa Romero Stanford University
Jorge Ruiz de Velasco Stanford University
Laura Booker Tennessee Department of Education
Nathaniel Schwartz Tennessee Department of Education
Kausalai Wijekumar Texas A&M University
Tracy Solomon The Hospital for Sick Children
Steven McGee The Learning Partnership
Hilary Rhodes The Wallace Foundation
Vanessa Anderson U.S. Department of Education
Chris Boccanfuso U.S. Department of Education
Amy Johnson U.S. Department of Education
Samuel Quinney U.S. Department of Education
Suchi Saxena U.S. Department of Education
Oliver Schak U.S. Department of Education
Betsy Warner U.S. Department of Education
Andrew Feldman U.S. Office of Management and Budget
Goon Tat Ong UnitingCare Burnside
Greg Duncan University of California - Irvine
Paul Hanselman University of California - Irvine
Emily Penner University of California - Irvine
Amy Cassata University of Chicago
Timothy Knowles University of Chicago
Melissa Roderick University of Chicago
David Stevens University of Chicago
Amy Lynn Torres University of Chicago
Bill Penuel University of Colorado - Boulder
Maria Araceli Ruiz-Primo University of Colorado - Denver
Chris Rhoads University of Connecticut
Henry May University of Delaware
Vinaya Rajan University of Delaware
Crystal Bishop University of Florida
Maureen Conroy University of Florida
Helena Mawdsley University of Florida
Joy Polignano University of Florida
Patricia Snyder University of Florida
Feihong Wang University of Florida
Nieves Flores University of Guam
Heidi E. San Nicolas University of Guam
Rachel Gordon University of Illinois - Chicago
James Pellegrino University of Illinois - Chicago
Marcia Laugerman University of Iowa
Jeff Valentine University of Louisville
Daryl Greenfield University of Miami
Jennifer Krawec University of Miami
Thomas Barrios University of Michigan
William Collins University of Michigan
Katherine Michelmore University of Michigan
Danielle Dupuis University of Minnesota
Asha Jitendra University of Minnesota
Wendy Reinke University of Missouri
Thomas Gross University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Stacy-Ann January University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lora Cohen-Vogel University of North Carolina
Sandra Soliday Hong University of North Carolina
Kirsten Kainz University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Irina Mokrova University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Anne Cash University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Julie Edmunds University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Krystal Hinerman University of Northern Colorado
Sarah Carlson University of Oregon
Ben Clarke University of Oregon
Edward Kame'enui University of Oregon
Paul Morphy University of Oregon
Nancy Nelson University of Oregon
Jessica Turtura University of Oregon
Jill Bowdon University of Pennsylvania
Christine Massey University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Maynard University of Pennsylvania
Janie Scull University of Pennsylvania
Nicole Sorhagen University of Pennsylvania
Sandra Katz University of Pittsburgh
Erika Stump University of Southern Maine
Nicole Bien University of Sydney
Marcia Barnes University of Texas - Austin
David Osman University of Texas - Austin
Matthew Foster University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
Catherine Bradshaw University of Virginia
Jason Downer University of Virginia
Priscilla Goble University of Virginia
Chris Hulleman University of Virginia
Jeff Kosovich University of Virginia
Micela Leis University of Virginia
William Murrah University of Virginia
Carol Paxton University of Virginia
Lia Sandilos University of Virginia
William Zumeta University of Washington - Seattle
Geoffrey Borman University of Wisconsin - Madison
John Smithson University of Wisconsin - Madison
Akiva Liberman Urban Institute
Mustafa Karakaplan Utah State University
Margaret Lubke Utah State University
Cyndi Rowland Utah State University
Angela Boatman Vanderbilt University
F. Chris Curran Vanderbilt University
Joshua Polanin Vanderbilt University
Robin Schumacher Vanderbilt University
Randall Brown Washoe County School District
Marissa Crowder Washoe County School District
Laura Davidson Washoe County School District
Trish Shaffer Washoe County School District
Nova Biro Wellesley College
Yetty Shobo West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
Jill Feldman Westat
Eden Segal Westat
Barbara Buckley WestEd
Nikola Filby WestEd
Alice Klein WestEd
Natalie Lacireno-Paquet WestEd
Reino Makkonen WestEd
Jason Snipes WestEd
Jessaca Spybrook Western Michigan University
Neil Heffernan Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Lori Nathanson Yale University