Session 3B / Session 5B
Introduction to Improvement Science

Alicia Grunow, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Sandra Park, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is committed to building the capacity of education leaders and practitioners in improvement science, as a means to accelerate improvement in the field. The foundation’s approach to improvement science includes:

  1. clearly defining a problem,
  2. identifying an aim,
  3. developing a theory of change,
  4. pursuing measurement and targeted change ideas, and
  5. using rapid testing (Plan, Do, Study Act or PDSA) cycles to learn from, and adapt that learning, for continuous improvement.

This workshop will serve as an introduction to various concepts and tools of improvement science. This session will provide hands-on practice in using these tools in the context of education. Course faculty will demonstrate how to develop aims, measurement, and change concepts and then link them to testing in order to achieve success.


  • Identify key concepts and tools that should be part of your improvement toolkit
  • Understand how to specify a problem and develop a clear and measurable aim for an improvement project
  • Understand the role of measurement in improvement science
  • Understand how to use the "Model for Improvement" to test, implement, and spread change ideas

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