Expanding the Toolkit: Maximizing Relevance, Effectiveness and Rigor in Education Research

The Spring 2017 conference will focus on recent innovations that expand the methodological array utilized in education research. Over the last decade, the use of randomized controlled trials, mixed methods, and support for data-driven decision making at classroom, school and district levels have played significant roles in advancing the field.
Yet the transition from exploration to the establishment of efficacy and the expansion to scale frequently remains opaque, slow and cumbersome for many in the policy and practice communities.
Moving beyond conventional approaches, this meeting will explore innovative ways to expand our methodological toolkit.
We will examine how novel (a) research designs, (b) models for partnership, (c) analysis plans, and (d) implementation pathways may strengthen our understanding of mechanisms and contribute to maximizing the union of relevance, effectiveness and rigor in education research.

The Spring 2017 conference is organized around content areas focused on:
(a) Social and Emotional Learning in Educational Settings
(b) Classroom Instruction
(c) Effects of Educational Policies
(d) Research <—> Practice
(e) Education and Life Cycle Transitions
(f) Educational Effectiveness in Global and Immigration-Related Contexts
(g) Research Methods