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Radhika Bhula Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
John Floretta Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Meagan Neal Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Sophie Shank Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Justin Baer Abt Associates
Stephen Bell Abt Associates
David Fein Abt Associates
Laura Peck Abt Associates
Cristofer Price Abt Associates
Sandra Wilson Abt Associates
Laura McGhee AccessLex Institute
William Pate Ad Hoc Analytics
Drew Atchison American Institutes for Research
Trisha Borman American Institutes for Research
Johannes Bos American Institutes for Research
Jill Bowdon American Institutes for Research
Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes American Institutes for Research
Sarah Caverly American Institutes for Research
Michael P. Cohen American Institutes for Research
Katie Dahlke American Institutes for Research
Kyle Fagan American Institutes for Research
Ann-Marie Faria American Institutes for Research
Lawrence Friedman American Institutes for Research
Dionisio Garcia Piriz American Institutes for Research
Patricia Garcia-Arena American Institutes for Research
Michael Garet American Institutes for Research
Natalya Gnedko-Berry American Institutes for Research
Jessica Heppen American Institutes for Research
Julie Kochanek American Institutes for Research
David Manzeske American Institutes for Research
Lynn Mellor American Institutes for Research
Jill Pentimonti American Institutes for Research
Joshua Polanin American Institutes for Research
Jordan Rickles American Institutes for Research
Terry Salinger American Institutes for Research
Carrie Scholz American Institutes for Research
Kathleen Small American Institutes for Research
Mengli Song American Institutes for Research
Nicholas Sorensen American Institutes for Research
Ginger Stoker American Institutes for Research
Andrew Swanlund American Institutes for Research
Michael Vaden-Kiernan American Institutes for Research
Kirk Walters American Institutes for Research
Andrew Wayne American Institutes for Research
Ryan Williams American Institutes for Research
Krissy Zeiser American Institutes for Research
Bo Zhu American Institutes for Research
Kate Herndon American Printing House for the Blind
Laura Zierer American Printing House for the Blind
Laura Holian AnLar
Chavaughn Brown AppleTree Institute
Abby Carlson AppleTree Institute
Sean Ross Arizona Department of Education
Brandon Ware Bakersfield City School District
Julia Baez Baltimore's Promise
Angela Jerabek BARR Center
David Paige Bellarmine University
Grant Smith Bellarmine University
Andrew Sokatch Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Casey White Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Nathan Jones Boston University
Diego De Rose Broward County Public Schools
John Papay Brown University
Susan Kowalski BSCS
Joseph Taylor BSCS
Laura Wentworth California Education Partners
Bre Evans-Santiago California State University - Bakersfield
Holly Gonzales California State University - Bakersfield
Beth Scott Cambium Learning Group
Marshall Smith Carnegie Foundation
Ash Vasudeva Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Jose Blackorby CAST
Jeff Kosovich Center for Creative Leadership
Maria Ferguson Center on Education Policy
Molly Burke Chicago Public Schools
Rebecca Jones Child Trends
Hannah Lantos Child Trends
Dominique Parris Child Trends
Kyo Yamashiro Claremont Graduate University
Matthew Linick Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Simone Robers CNA
Julian Hsu College Board
Andrea Woodley College Board
Hedyeh Ahmadi Columbia University
Jessica Brathwaite Columbia University
Maya Escueta Columbia University
Andrew Gelman Columbia University
Bryan Keller Columbia University
Atsuko Muroga Columbia University
Elizabeth Tipton Columbia University
Joanna Williams Columbia University
Tia Kim Committee for Children
Lauren Scher Concentric Research & Evaluation
Marie Salazar Glowski Connecticut Association of Schools
Patrick Lapid Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Diana Strumbos CUNY
Ruth Wattenberg DC State Board of Education
Ronald McCowan Decision Information Resources
Carol Pistorino Decision Information Resources
Barbara Means Digital Promise
Jeremy Roschelle Digital Promise
Leslie Babinski Duke University
Jim Kohlmoos EDGE Consulting
Andrew Rice Education Analytics
Brandon Foster Education Development Center
Makoto Hanita Education Development Center
Naomi Hupert Education Development Center
Julie Riordan Education Development Center
Karen Shakman Education Development Center
Katherine Shields Education Development Center
Megan Silander Education Development Center
Kevan Collins Education Endowment Foundation
Elena Rosa Brown Education Endowment Foundation
Michelle Hodara Education Northwest
Stacy Kehoe Education Northwest
Christopher Mazzeo Education Northwest
Ashley Pierson Education Northwest
David Stevens Education Northwest
Alex Harwin Education Week
Michael Osher Education Week
Sarah D. Sparks Education Week
Daniel McCaffrey Educational Testing Service
Andrew Jaciw Empirical Education
Denis Newman Empirical Education
Charles Chang Erikson Institute
Amanda Moreno Erikson Institute
Neil Danberg Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative
Andrew Feldman Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative
Wael Moussa FHI 360
Barbara Foorman Florida State University
John Hughes Florida State University
Laurie Lee Florida State University
Jamie Quinn Florida State University
Jacqueline Jones Foundation for Child Development
Darryl Hill Fulton County Schools
Beth Gamse Gamse Partnership
Ally Patterson George Mason University
Matthew Shirrell George Washington University
Luke Keele Georgetown University
Owen Schochet Georgetown University
Theresa Magpuri-Lavell Georgia College
Eric Booth Gibson Consulting
Marshall Garland Gibson Consulting
Amie Rapaport Gibson Consulting Group
Joseph Shields Gibson Consulting Group
James Appleton Gwinnett County Public Schools
Melinda Mollette Gwinnett County Public Schools
Sheril Smith Gwinnett County Public Schools
Betina Jean-Louis Harlem Children's Zone
Emily Pressler Harlem Children's Zone
Wendy Viola Harlem Children's Zone
Bessie Wilkerson Harlem Children's Zone
Catherine Armstrong Harvard University
Rebecca Bailey Harvard University
NaLette Brodnax Harvard University
Luis Campos Harvard University
Kathryn Gonzalez Harvard University
Corinne Herlihy Harvard University
Heather Hill Harvard University
Andrew D. Ho Harvard University
Thomas Kelley-Kemple Harvard University
James Kim Harvard University
Kathleen Lynch Harvard University
Dana McCoy Harvard University
Luke Miratrix Harvard University
Carly Robinson Harvard University
Beth Schueler Harvard University
Judith Singer Harvard University
Catherine Snow Harvard University
Jose Ramon Zubizarreta Harvard University
Cara Bowers Heckscher Foundation for Children
Shelby Marzouk Heckscher Foundation for Children
Steffi Sachse Heidelberg University of Education
Kenneth Anderson Howard University
Hillary Michaels Human Resources Research Organization
Assunta Hardy Imagine Learning
Andrea Beesley IMPAQ International
Michaela Gulemetova IMPAQ International
Robert Olsen Independent Consultant
Roger D. Phillips Independent Consultant
Suzanne Raber Independent Consultant
Lashawn Richburg-Hayes Insight Policy Research
Liz Albro Institute of Education Sciences
Corinne Alfeld Institute of Education Sciences
James Benson Institute of Education Sciences
Chris Boccanfuso Institute of Education Sciences
Lisa Bridges Institute of Education Sciences
Thomas Brock Institute of Education Sciences
Jacquelyn Buckley Institute of Education Sciences
Vinita Chhabra Institute of Education Sciences
Amanda Dettmer Institute of Education Sciences
Emily Doolittle Institute of Education Sciences
Caroline Ebanks Institute of Education Sciences
Molly Faulkner-Bond Institute of Education Sciences
Daphne Garcia Institute of Education Sciences
Jonathan Jacobson Institute of Education Sciences
Joan McLaughlin Institute of Education Sciences
Erin Pollard Institute of Education Sciences
Vasuki Rethinam Institute of Education Sciences
Anne Ricciuti Institute of Education Sciences
Allen Ruby Institute of Education Sciences
Felicia Sanders Institute of Education Sciences
Janelle Sands Institute of Education Sciences
Marsha Silverberg Institute of Education Sciences
Katina Stapleton Institute of Education Sciences
Amy Sussman Institute of Education Sciences
Katie Taylor Institute of Education Sciences
Thomas Wei Institute of Education Sciences
Aulo Gelli International Food Policy Research Institute
Gloria Abagnale Italy Senate of the Republic
Crystal Coker Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Joel Vargas Jobs for the Future
Benjamin Ackerman Johns Hopkins University
Rachel Durham Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Fakharzadeh Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Humberstone Johns Hopkins University
Amanda Inns Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Kim Johns Hopkins University
Evan Mayo-Wilson Johns Hopkins University
Kiley McKee Johns Hopkins University
Trang Nguyen Johns Hopkins University
Robert Slavin Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Stuart Johns Hopkins University
Betsy Wolf Johns Hopkins University
Tony Moss Kansas State Department of Education
Xuewen Sheng Kansas State Department of Education
Jonathan Baron Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Michelle Welch Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Madelyn Gardner Learning Policy Institute
Monique Sanders Little Flowers of New York City
Carol Alexander Los Angeles Unified School District
Ramoncito Mella Los Angeles Unified School District
Christine Li-Grining Loyola University Chicago
Therese Pigott Loyola University Chicago
Lisa White Loyola University Chicago
Lindee Morgan Marcus Autism Center
Michael Siller Marcus Autism Center
Kimberly Boller Mathematica Policy Research
Jill Constantine Mathematica Policy Research
John Deke Mathematica Policy Research
Steven Glazerman Mathematica Policy Research
Jessica Harding Mathematica Policy Research
Julieta Lugo-Gil Mathematica Policy Research
Laura Meyer Mathematica Policy Research
Nancy Murray Mathematica Policy Research
Anu Rangarajan Mathematica Policy Research
Alex Resch Mathematica Policy Research
Christine Ross Mathematica Policy Research
Peter Schochet Mathematica Policy Research
Neil Seftor Mathematica Policy Research
Phillip Herman McREL
Rekha Balu MDRC
Judith M. Gueron MDRC
Carolyn Hill MDRC
Virginia Knox MDRC
Meghan McCormick MDRC
Michael Weiss MDRC
Laura Hansen Metro Nashville Public Schools
I-Chien Chen Michigan State University
Shota Hatakeyama Michigan State University
Christopher Klager Michigan State University
Spyros Konstantopoulos Michigan State University
Amieris Lavender Michigan State University
Wenjuan Ma Michigan State University
Ting Shen Michigan State University
Bing Tong Michigan State University
Lisa Quay Mindset Scholars Network
Sonja Robertson Mississippi Department of Education
Linda Lopez Nassau BOCES
Genette Alvarez-Ortiz Nassau Community College
Diego Luna Bazaldua National Autonomous University of Mexico
Sarah Cohen National Center for Teacher Residencies
Kathlene Holmes Campbell National Center for Teacher Residencies
Laura Groth National Center on Education and the Economy
Kathleen Bergin National Science Foundation
Evan Heit National Science Foundation
Rob Ochsendorf National Science Foundation
David Braslow New York City Department of Education
Gwen Fishel New York City Department of Education
Jamie Litt New York City Department of Education
Rachel Abenavoli New York University
J. Lawrence Aber New York University
Kat Adams New York University
Lindsay Brown New York University
Elise Cappella New York University
M. Paula Daneri New York University
Lauren Fellers New York University
Jill Gandhi New York University
Alejandro Ganimian New York University
Parham Horn New York University
Deanna Ibrahim New York University
Ha Yeon Kim New York University
Elizabeth Miller New York University
Pamela Morris New York University
Cybele Raver New York University
Kate Schwartz New York University
Tyler Watts New York University
Stacy Ehrlich NORC
Claudia Gentile NORC
Eric Hedberg NORC
Shazia Miller NORC
Audrey Martin-McCoy North Carolina State Board of Education
Brooks Bowden North Carolina State University
Olivia Healy Northwestern University
Larry Hedges Northwestern University
Sarah Peko-Specier Northwestern University
Jacob Schauer Northwestern University
Megan Kuhfeld NWEA
Yeow Meng Thum NWEA
Lucas Koehler NYC Department of Education
April Gariepy Office of School Design & Charter Partnerships, NYC Department of Education
Sonya Hooks Office of School Design & Charter Partnerships, NYC Department of Education
Jessica Logan Ohio State University
Robert Shand Ohio State University
Shanan Chappell Old Dominion University
Alexa Murray OSU Nisonger Center
Maia Connors Ounce of Prevention Fund
Debra Pacchiano Ounce of Prevention Fund
Amanda Stein Ounce of Prevention Fund
Mark Dynarski Pemberton Research
Summer Braun Pennsylvania State University
Scott Gest Pennsylvania State University
Lawrie Green Pennsylvania State University
Leah Hunter Pennsylvania State University
Abigail Keim Pennsylvania State University
Kari Lock Morgan Pennsylvania State University
Bonnie J.F. Meyer Pennsylvania State University
Erica Willis Pennsylvania State University
Brenda Turnbull Policy Studies Associates
Devyani Pershad Pratham
Christopher Neilson Princeton University
Beth Boulay Project Evident
Stacey Alicea Ramapo for Children
Matthew Baird RAND
Sean Grant RAND
John Pane RAND
Fatih Unlu RAND
Sylvie Hale REL West
John Rice REL West Deputy Director
Rachel Cole Research Alliance for New York City Schools
Cheri Fancsali Research Alliance for New York City Schools
James Kemple Research Alliance for New York City Schools
Lisa Merrill Research Alliance for New York City Schools
Alyn McCarty Research for Action
Ruth Neild Research for Action
Sara Kerr Results for America
Paula Arce-Trigatti Rice University
Heidi Johnecheck Ripple Effects
Yihua Hong RTI International
Noah Lystrup San Francisco Unified School District
Norma Ming San Francisco Unified School District
Lauren Pisani Save the Children
Joy Lesnick School District of Philadelphia
Peter Nelson ServeMinnesota
David Parker ServeMinnesota
Doris Luft Baker Southern Methodist University
Hao Ma Southern Methodist University
Veronica Mellado De La Cruz Southern Methodist University
Paul Polanco Southern Methodist University
Naa Ammah-Tagoe SRI International
Kea Anderson SRI International
Nicole Arshan SRI International
Mingyu Feng SRI International
Alix Gallagher SRI International
Elisa Garcia SRI International
Ellen Schiller SRI International
Haiwen Wang SRI International
Erin Fahle Stanford University
Amy Gerstein Stanford University
Oded Gurantz Stanford University
Rebecca Hinze-Pifer Stanford University
Scott Latham Stanford University
Sean Reardon Stanford University
Rosalia Zarate Stanford University
Franziska Egert State Institute of Early Childhood Research
Elise Chor Temple University
Laura Booker Tennessee Department of Education
J. Edward Guthrie Tennessee Education Research Alliance
Andrea Beerwinkle Texas A&M University
Julie Thompson Texas A&M University
Kay Wijekumar Texas A&M University
Amber Northern Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Barbara Knox-Seith U.S. Agency for International Development
Leticia Braga U.S. Department of Education
Jennifer Coffey U.S. Department of Education
Elizabeth Eisner U.S. Department of Education
Brian Fu U.S. Department of Education
Sandra Garcia U.S. Department of Education
Erica Lee U.S. Department of Education
Kristen Rhoads U.S. Department of Education
Julie Warner U.S. Department of Education
Christopher Weiss U.S. Department of Education
Kimberly Burgess U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Lindsey Hutchison U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Jenessa Malin U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
John Righter U.S. Senate HELP Committee
Wei Li University of Alabama
Avi Feller University of California - Berkeley
Minahil Asim University of California - Davis
Robin Martin University of California - Davis
Carol Connor University of California - Irvine
Jennifer Duer University of California - Irvine
Greg Duncan University of California - Irvine
Paul Hanselman University of California - Irvine
Sabrina Solanki University of California - Irvine
Carrie Miller University of California - Los Angeles
Rollanda O'Connor University of California - Riverside
Hanbyul Ryu University of California - Riverside
Sally Sadoff University of California - San Diego
Hunter Gehlbach University of California - Santa Barbara
Chang Lee University of California - Santa Barbara
Monica Bhatt University of Chicago
Kelly Hallberg University of Chicago
Guanglei Hong University of Chicago
Kylie Klein University of Chicago
Xu Qin University of Chicago
Stephen Raudenbush University of Chicago
Hok Chio Lai University of Cincinnati
Kristen Davidson University of Colorado - Boulder
Caitlin Farrell University of Colorado - Boulder
Benjamin Shear University of Colorado - Boulder
Fan Yang University of Colorado - Denver
Dakota Cintron University of Connecticut
Anthony Gambino University of Connecticut
D. Betsy McCoach University of Connecticut
Sarah Newton University of Connecticut
Maura Curran University of Delaware
Liz Farley-Ripple University of Delaware
Akisha Jones University of Delaware
Henry May University of Delaware
Kati Tilley University of Delaware
Amanda Van Horne University of Delaware
Rui Wang University of Delaware
Douglas Clements University of Denver
Denis Dumas University of Denver
Marta Pellegrini University of Florence
Yating Zheng University of Maryland
David Blazar University of Maryland - College Park
Anna Meyer University of Maryland - College Park
Monica Morell University of Maryland - College Park
Laura Stapleton University of Maryland - College Park
Tracy Sweet University of Maryland - College Park
Christina Cipriano University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Alexandra Alexander University of Miami
Daryl Greenfield University of Miami
William Gehring University of Michigan
Ben Hansen University of Michigan
Timothy Lycurgus University of Michigan
Lillie Moffett University of Michigan
Frederick Morrison University of Michigan
Adam Rauh University of Michigan
Christina Weiland University of Michigan
Soo-hyun Im University of Minnesota
Nianbo Dong University of Missouri
Kurtis Jensen University of Missouri
Malena Rousseau University of Nebraska
Greg Welch University of Nebraska
Peng Peng University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Susan Sheridan University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Maryann Corsello University of New England
Margaret Burchinal University of North Carolina
Doug Lauen University of North Carolina
Sandra Soliday Hong University of North Carolina
Robert Carr University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Michael Little University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Irina Mokrova University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Caryn Ward University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Noreen Yazejian University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Anne Cash University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Carl Westine University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Julie Edmunds University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Dora Gicheva University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Brian Fitzpatrick University of Notre Dame
NaYoung Hwang University of Notre Dame
Diane Horm University of Oklahoma - Tulsa
Shannon Stark Guss University of Oklahoma - Tulsa
Brian Gearin University of Oregon
Randy Kamphaus University of Oregon
Nancy Nelson University of Oregon
Lina Shanley University of Oregon
Fatima Terrazas Arellanes University of Oregon
Rebecca Baelen University of Pennsylvania
Wendy Castillo University of Pennsylvania
Wendy Chan University of Pennsylvania
Gregory Collins University of Pennsylvania
Douglas Frye University of Pennsylvania
Abigail Gray University of Pennsylvania
Michael Johanek University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Maynard University of Pennsylvania
Robert Nathenson University of Pennsylvania
Wan Ren University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Supovitz University of Pennsylvania
Sharon Wolf University of Pennsylvania
Lindsay Page University of Pittsburgh
Paulette Vincent-Ruz University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Keup University of South Carolina
W. Edward Chi University of Southern California
Tatiana Melguizo University of Southern California
David Quinn University of Southern California
Anna Saavedra University of Southern California
Brian Bryant University of Texas - Austin
Diane Bryant University of Texas - Austin
Gleb Furman University of Texas - Austin
Lisa Garbrecht University of Texas - Austin
Jihyun Lee University of Texas - Austin
James Pustejovsky University of Texas - Austin
Adam Sales University of Texas - Austin
Jayce Warner University of Texas - Austin
Sandra García University of the Andes
Kylie Anglin University of Virginia
David Grissmer University of Virginia
Chris Hulleman University of Virginia
Ashley Hunt University of Virginia
Brian Kim University of Virginia
Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch University of Virginia
Marianna Lyulchenko University of Virginia
Katharine Meyer University of Virginia
Katherine Miller-Bains University of Virginia
Robert Pianta University of Virginia
Vivian Wong University of Virginia
Geoffrey Borman University of Wisconsin
Yeseul Choi University of Wisconsin - Madison
Garret Hall University of Wisconsin - Madison
Yongnam Kim University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sarah Ryan University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jake Wertz University of Wisconsin - Madison
Chad Coon Utah State University
Gary Henry Vanderbilt University
Seth Hunter Vanderbilt University
Erica Zippert Vanderbilt University
Allison Bock Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Robert Veigel Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Judy Radford Virginia Department of Education
Kimberly Robinson W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Matt Lenard Wake County Public Schools
Thomas Rankin Wake Technical Community College
Christopher Roddenberry Wake Technical Community College
Bryan Ryan Wake Technical Community College
Kai Wang Wake Technical Community College
Lauren Decker-Woodrow Westat
Jennifer Hamilton Westat
Brad Keller Westat
Jill Lammert Westat
Hadley Moore Westat
Ning Rui Westat
Patricia Troppe Westat
Lauren Agnew WestEd
Janice Anderson WestEd
Tanicia Bell WestEd
Jonathan Dolle WestEd
Lenay Dunn WestEd
Nikola Filby WestEd
Neal Finkelstein WestEd
Kylie Flynn WestEd
Glen Harvey WestEd
Cynthia Holden WestEd
Min Huang WestEd
Natalie Lacireno-Paquet WestEd
Sabrina Laine WestEd
Linlin Li WestEd
Joseph McCrary WestEd
Cathy Ringstaff WestEd
Jason Snipes WestEd
Sola Takahashi WestEd
Jenna Terrell WestEd
Dustin Anderson Western Michigan University
Jessaca Spybrook Western Michigan University
Qi Zhang Western Michigan University
Richard Haskell Westminster College
Adam Gamoran William T. Grant Foundation
Carl Frederick Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Neil Heffernan Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Alaka Holla World Bank
Victoria Levin World Bank
Shawn Powers World Bank
Joanna Meyer Yale School of Medicine
Liliana Ponguta Yale School of Medicine
Michael Strambler Yale School of Medicine