Wednesday March 6, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM , 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Workshop B
Integrating the Examination of Costs into Efficacy Proposals and Field Trials

A. Brooks Bowden, North Carolina State University
Viviana Rodriguez, Columbia University

Come join us to review the concept of costs, prepare your IES grant proposal, and work on your data collection tools and plan to integrate cost analysis into your effectiveness evaluation. This workshop will be an applied working session for hands on support to design and conduct a cost study. Following a review of cost concepts, the session will focus on developing a plan to collect data required to identify costs and collect the necessary data to estimate the cost of impact production for educational programs.

Before the session, please review the newest edition of the primary text on the estimation of costs: Economic Evaluation in Education, 3rd Edition. There are videos available online to support the text. In addition, offers a listing of papers on the Ingredients Method and applications of the method to educational interventions. Feel free to contact us if we can provide additional support prior to the session.

Please bring information on the program you are planning to evaluate or currently evaluating. This includes a detailed description of the program, the sample being served, the context for implementation, and the theory of change. Information about the evaluation is also needed to understand the logic model, the control condition, outcome measurement, examination of implementation, moderators, and expected heterogeneity in impacts.

Attendees will also need a computer with excel. It would also be beneficial to register for the CostOut tool available at prior to the session.

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