Wednesday March 6, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Workshop D
Advanced Methods in Meta-Analysis

Terri Pigott, Loyola University Chicago
Josh Polanin, American Institutes for Research
Elizabeth Tipton, Northwestern
Ryan Williams, American Institutes for Research

The workshop will discuss the use of systematic review and meta-analysis to understand treatment effect heterogeneity. In the early development of meta-analysis, researchers focused on estimating the average treatment effect. Current practice in systematic review and meta-analysis focuses on the potential correlates of treatment effect heterogeneity to address whether the treatment is effective for what participants in what contexts. The team from the IES-funded Meta-Analysis Training Institute will discuss: aspects of planning a large review (including database management and budgeting), methods for analyzing heterogeneity using meta-regression (including accounting for dependence), and tools for implementing these methods in R. In particular, the team encourages those not eligible for the IES funded summer workshop to attend (e.g., current graduate students).

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