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Conference Registration

FAQ: I'm unsure of who will make my conference registration purchase.

We suggest proceeding through the registration process without a purchaser e-mail address. The final step of registration allows you to pay by credit card or generate an invoice. Generate an invoice if you are unsure of who will make your registration purchase.

The system will send an initial confirmation of registration over e-mail. This message includes a link which allows you to return to make a payment on your registration (or a portion of your registration as needed). You may forward this link to your accounting department or administrative team.

If a representative from your organization has made prior arrangements with SREE for bulk invoicing and payment, our staff will make note of this on your registration and work closely with your accounting department to facilitate payment. Be sure to create an invoice so that you have a record of your registration.

FAQ: What determines student rate eligibility?

Attendees must be full-time students enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited university to be eligible for student conference rates. Student status should continue through the conference period. Student attendees will be asked to provide a copy of their current semester schedule during the registration process as a file upload. If not immediately available, a current semester schedule may be provided via e-mail post-registration. Registrations will not be verified until student status has been confirmed. Please be aware that our cancellation policy remains in effect even if a registrant is unable to establish student status.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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