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Spring 2018 Conference

The Call for Papers for the March 2018 conference The Evidence Behind Evidence Use:
When Does Education Research Inform Practice?
is online.
The abstract submission deadline is October 1, 2017.
The meeting will run from Wednesday, February 28-Saturday, March 3, 2018 in
Washington, DC.

The thematic focus on the conference is the adoption and implementation of effective research-based practice. Among the questions to be explored in March are:
Where has policy and practice been particularly responsive to the interpretation of evidence-based research, and what may we learn from these outcomes?
How should we balance the limitations of the generalizability of research findings with the goal of supporting practical and scalable interventions in complex educational settings?
Neal Finkelstein of WestEd chairs the Program Committee.

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Conference Sections and Section Chairs are:
Early Childhood Education: Doug Frye (University of Pennsylvania)
Innovations in Teacher Preparation & Education: Kathlene Holmes (NCTR)
Research ↔ Practice in Local Educational Agencies: Matthew Lenard (WCPSS)
Research ↔ Practice: University-Based Collaborations: Kelly Hallberg (UChicago Urban Labs)
Research ↔ Practice at the National Level: Andrew Feldman (LJAF) &
Ruth Neild (Research for Action)
Education and Life Cycle Transitions: Christopher Mazzeo (Education Northwest)
Educational Effectiveness in Global Contexts: Anu Rangarajan (MPR)
Research Methods: Elizabeth Tipton (Columbia University)


Session formats include symposia, panels, papers and posters (virtual and physical).


Details on the abstract submission process are provided on the conference website.


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