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Spring 2018 Conference

Registration for the March 2018 conference The Evidence Behind Evidence Use: When Does Education Research Inform Practice? is open:
Please complete conference registration by February 1 to check off a New Year’s resolution and avoid the dreaded late fee.

Conference Highlights

Professional Development
The opening act is PD workshops beginning at noon on Wednesday.
  1. Stan: A Flexible Open-Source Platform for Bayesian Analysis
    Andrew Gelman (Columbia University)

  2. The Stanford Education Data Archive: Using Big Data to Study Academic Performance
    Sean F. Reardon (Stanford University), Andrew D. Ho (Harvard University), Benjamin R. Shear (University of Colorado - Boulder) & Erin M. Fahle (Stanford University)

  3. Practical Measurement in Improvement Science
    Sola Takahashi & Jonathan Dolle (WestEd)

  4. New Matching Methods for Causal Inference
    Jose R. Zubizarreta (Harvard University)

Hedges Lecture
Wednesday concludes with the Hedges Lecture, "Evidence-Based Practice Is a Two-Way Street", delivered by Andrew Gelman, Higgins Professor of Statistics & Professor of Political Science and Director of the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University.
It follows the first conference break-out session and begins at six p.m. in the Fairmont Ballroom.


*Hedges Lecture Sponsors:
American Institutes for Research
William T. Grant Foundation
Spencer Foundation

The opening reception, following the Hedges Lecture in the Ballroom of the Park Hyatt,
is sponsored by the American Institutes for Research.


Women in Quantitative Methodology
Thursday afternoon presents an opportunity to join Women in Quantitative Methodology
over lunch (12:15-1:45) and explore job negotiation strategies with Cybele Raver, Senior Vice Provost, New York University.

Hosts are Trisha Borman & Jill Bowdon, American Institutes of Research
Terri Pigott, Loyola University-Chicago,
Beth Tipton, Teachers College, Columbia University
Vivian Wong, University of Virginia

Sponsor: American Institutes of Research
Career Forum
There is a free lunch on Thursday for individuals who have uploaded their CV into the online database, as WestEd and AIR host informational sessions from 12:15-1:45.
HR gurus will review CVs and may elect to schedule initial screening interviews.
Firm representatives will be present at exhibits at the Park Hyatt for the duration of the conference.

Thursday afternoon concludes with the Poster Session in the Colonnade at the Fairmont with
dual-format options: physical posters or laptop displays.
Virtual posters will be in the online program for pre-conference viewing on February 1:

The alcoholic content of beverages will increase as we transition from poster discussions directly into a reception that will conclude early enough to enjoy dinner out. The reception provides another opportunity to interact informally with colleagues. Dinner options in West End and Georgetown are provided in the map included in registration materials.


Keynote Address
Friday begins with nine break-out sessions, followed by the Keynote Address, “Getting to Scale With Evidence Use”, by Ruth Neild, Director of the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium, Research for Action.


Q&A will continue until hunger pangs force the transition to lunch, sponsored by WestEd.


Educational Effectiveness in Global Contexts
Presentations with an international perspective are again distributed across the program, including sessions:
1G: How NGO's Develop & Use Evidence on SEL Interventions in Conflict-Affected Countries
2G: Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Early Grade Outcomes: Evidence from 4 Countries
4H: From Evidence Generation to Use: Education Research in the US and UK
5G: Distributional Effects of Life-Wide Learning: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rwanda
6E: From Randomized Evaluations to Policy Influence: Insights from 3 Nations
6G: Improving Educational Quality and Learning Outcomes in Ghana: Evidence from 3 RCTs
7C: Will They Stay or Will They Go? Experimental Impacts of Teacher Accountability Systems
8A: New Directions in Early Mathematics
8E: Education Effectiveness Research in the UK: A Conversation with Sir Kevan Collins
8G: Developing, Adapting, and Testing a Research- and Practiced-Based Innovation in SEL
9H: Bringing New Tools to Evidence-Based Early Childhood Practices and Programs
10A: Rigorous and Relevant: Research to Inform Early Childhood Education Practices
10E: Ahead of the Curve: Early Matters in Education
Saturday Sessions
A SREE tradition is to save (some of) the best for last.
Saturday's 2 break-outs include a full-slate of sessions:

JREE Call for Papers

The Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness is seeking methodological and substantive paper submissions for a special issue on the topic of "Education Research in New Data Environments."
One-page abstracts due June 1, 2018
Full papers due August 1, 2018
You may read the Call for Papers here.

Position Announcement

SREE is conducting a search for an Executive Director.
More information may be found here.

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