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Find It Who Benefits From a Foundational Logic Course? Effects on Undergraduate Course Performance
JREE 2019: 12(2). Pages 191-214.
Authors: Rafael Quintana, Christian Schunn
Keywords: Argumentation, Critical thinking, Basic skills, Academic success, Higher education
Find It The Impact of School Improvement Grants on Student Outcomes: Findings From a National Evaluation Using a Regression Discontinuity Design
JREE 2019: 12(2). Pages 215-250.
Authors: Lisa Dragoset, Jaime Thomas, Mariesa Herrmann, John Deke, Susanne James-Burdumy, Dara Lee Luca
Keywords: School improvement, SIG, Education reform, School turnaround, School Improvement Grant
Find It Having Fun Doing Math: Text Messages Promoting Parent Involvement Increased Student Learning
JREE 2019: 12(2). Pages 251-273.
Authors: Macarena Santana, Miguel Nussbaum, Raimundo Carmona, Susana Claro
Keywords: Mathematics teaching, Parental involvement, SMS, Text message
Find It Iterative Design and Pilot Testing of the Developing Talkers Tiered Academic Language Curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
JREE 2019: 12(2). Pages 274-306.
Authors: Tricia A. Zucker, Maria S. Carlo, Susan H. Landry, Saba S. Masood-Saleem, Jeffrey M. Williams, Vibhutibala Bhavsar
Keywords: Curriculum development, Early childhood, Academic language, Intervention
Find It Variation in Motivational Appeals to Survey Completion: Lessons from a Randomized Experiment with Teachers
JREE 2019: 12(2). Pages 307-331.
Authors: Robert A. Nathenson, Jonathan Supovitz
Keywords: Behavioral science, Financial incentive, Nonresponse bias, Psychological appeal, Survey attrition
Find It Editors’ Note on Transparency and Reporting Standards
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 1-4.
Authors: Sean F. Reardon, Elizabeth A. Stuart
Find It The Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES): A Step Toward Increased Transparency in Education
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 5-9.
Authors: Jessaca Spybrook, Dustin Anderson, Rebecca Maynard
Find It Experimental Impacts of the “Quality Preschool for Ghana” Interventions on Teacher Professional Well-being, Classroom Quality, and Children’s School Readiness
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 10-37.
Authors: Sharon Wolf, J. Lawrence Aber, Jere R. Behrman, Edward Tsinigo
Keywords: Early childhood education, Kindergarten, Classroom quality, School readiness, Ghana, Teacher training and coaching
Find It Goal Setting, Academic Reminders, and College Success: A Large-Scale Field Experiment
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 38-66.
Authors: Christopher R. Dobronyi, Philip Oreopoulos, Uros Petronijevic
Keywords: Goal setting, Field experiment, Mindset, Higher education
Find It The Higher Education Enrollment Decision: Feedback on Expected Study Success and Updating Behavior
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 67-89.
Authors: Chris van Klaveren, Karen Kooiman, Ilja Cornelisz, Martijn Meeter
Keywords: Self-serving bias, Higher education enrollment, Randomized field experiment
Find It Teacher Performance Ratings and Professional Improvement
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 90-115.
Authors: Cory Koedel, Jiaxi Li, Matthew G. Springer, Li Tan
Keywords: Teacher evaluation, Public employee evaluation, Compressed employee ratings, Rating effects, Regression discontinuity
Find It Explaining Variation in Findings From Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies for English Reading Interventions for English Learners
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 116-134.
Authors: Christopher D. Barr, Colleen K. Reutebuch, Coleen D. Carlson, Sharon Vaughn, David J. Francis
Keywords: Program evaluation, Equating, Effectiveness study
Find It Academic Language Instruction for Students in Grades 4 Through 8: A Literature Synthesis
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 135-159.
Authors: Adrea J. Truckenmiller, Jiyoon Park, Arfang Dabo, Yi-Chieh Wu Newton
Keywords: Academic language instruction, Language comprehension, Adolescent literacy
Find It Teachers’ Lives in Context: A Framework for Understanding Barriers to High-Quality Teaching Within Resource Deprived Settings
JREE 2019: 12(1). Pages 160-190.
Authors: Kate Schwartz, Elise Cappella, J. Lawrence Aber
Keywords: Resource-poor schools, Teachers' lives in context, Teacher effectiveness, Low- and middle-income countries, Teacher well-being
Find It Intervening with Struggling Readers in Seventh Grade: Impact Evidence from Six School Districts
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 479-506.
Authors: Scott K. Baker, Nancy J. Nelson, Mike Stoolmiller, Patrick Kennedy Paine, Jessica Turtura, Deanne Crone, Hank Fien
Keywords: Middle school intervention, Regression discontinuity, Struggling readers
Find It Evaluating Paraeducator-led Reading Interventions in Elementary School: A Multi-Cutoff Regression-Discontinuity Analysis
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 507-534.
Authors: Eli Jones, Ross Larsen, Richard R. Sudweeks, K. Richard Young, Gordon S. Gibb
Keywords: Reading interventions, Regression discontinuity, Computer-assisted instruction, Direct instruction, Paraeducators
Find It Does Quantity Affect Quality? Teachers’ Course Preparations and Effectiveness
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 535-558.
Authors: Kevin C. Bastian, Ludmila Janda
Keywords: Teacher effectiveness, Teaching assignments, Teacher evaluation
Find It Rethinking Early Elementary Grade Retention: Examining Long-Term Academic and Psychosocial Outcomes
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 559-587.
Authors: Sophia H. J. Hwang, Elise Cappella
Keywords: Grade retention, Propensity score, Adolescence, Reading, Psychosocial
Find It According to Plan? Examining the Intended and Unintended Treatment Effects of EL Classification in Early Elementary and the Transition to Middle School
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 588-621.
Author: Ilana M. Umansky
Keywords: English learner classification, Regression discontinuity, Mechanisms, Labeling theory
Find It Accounting for Student Attrition in Power Calculations: Benchmarks and Guidance
JREE 2018: 11(4). Pages 622-644.
Authors: Jordan Rickles, Kristina Zeiser, Benjamin West
Keywords: Attrition, Power analysis, Student mobility
Find It Reducing Inequality in Academic Success for Incoming College Students: A Randomized Trial of Growth Mindset and Belonging Interventions
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 317-338.
Authors: Michael Broda, John Yun, Barbara Schneider, David S. Yeager, Gregory M. Walton, Matthew Diemer
Keywords: Light-touch intervention, Growth mindset, Social belonging, Postsecondary education
Find It Do High-Quality Kindergarten and First-Grade Classrooms Mitigate Preschool Fadeout?
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 339-374.
Authors: Jade Marcus Jenkins, Tyler W. Watts, Katherine Magnuson, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama, Greg J. Duncan
Keywords: Head Start, Preschool, Fadeout, Early childhood education, Classroom quality
Find It Effectiveness of a “Grass Roots” Statewide Enrichment Program for Gifted Elementary School Children
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 375-408.
Authors: Jessika Golle, Ingo Zettler, Norman Rose, Ulrich Trautwein, Marcus Hasselhorn, Benjamin Nagengast
Keywords: Enrichment program, Giftedness, Effectiveness, Propensity score analysis
Find It Do Financial Education Interventions for Women from Poor Households Impact Their Financial Behaviors? Experimental Evidence from India
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 409-432.
Authors: Aditi Bhutoria, Anna Vignoles
Keywords: Financial education, Rules of thumb, Savings, Randomized controlled trial, India
Find It Youth Participatory Action Research in the High School Curriculum: Education Outcomes for Student Participants in a District-Wide Initiative
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 433-451.
Authors: Adam Voight, Valerie Velez
Keywords: Action research, Youth development, Social context, Student voice
Find It Between-School Variation in Students' Achievement, Motivation, Affect, and Learning Strategies: Results from 81 Countries for Planning Group-Randomized Trials in Education
JREE 2018: 11(3). Pages 452-478.
Authors: Martin Brunner, Ulrich Keller, Marina Wenger, Antoine Fischbach, Oliver Lüdtke
Keywords: Student achievement, Motivation, Affect, Learning styles, Intraclass correlation, Large-scale assessment, Multilevel models, Design parameters
Find It Examining the Effects and Feasibility of a Teacher-Implemented Tier 1 and Tier 2 Intervention in Word Reading, Fluency, and Comprehension
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 163-191.
Authors: Emily J. Solari, Carolyn A. Denton, Yaacov Petscher, Christa Haring
Keywords: Elementary, Intervention, Reading
Find It The Causal Effects of Grade Retention on Behavioral Outcomes
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 192-216.
Authors: Paco Martorell, Louis T. Mariano
Keywords: Student retention, Regression discontinuity, Behavioral outcomes, Suspensions, Attendance
Find It The Impact of Speedometry on Student Knowledge, Interest, and Emotions
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 217-239.
Authors: Morgan Polikoff, Q. Tien Le, Robert W. Danielson, Gale M. Sinatra, Julie A. Marsh
Keywords: Science, Learning, Emotions, Curriculum, Intervention
Find It Focusing on the Whole Student: An Evaluation of Massachusetts's Wraparound Zone Initiative
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 240-266.
Authors: Allison Gruner Gandhi, Rachel Slama, So Jung Park, Patrick Russo, Kendra Winner, Robin Bzura, Wehmah Jones, Sandra Williamson
Keywords: School climate, Social-emotional learning, Community partnerships, Non-academic supports
Find It Statistical Power in Evaluations That Investigate Effects on Multiple Outcomes: A Guide for Researchers
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 267-295.
Author: Kristin E. Porter
Keywords: Statistical power, Multiple hypothesis testing, Multiple testing procedures
Find It Mitigating Illusory Results through Preregistration in Education
JREE 2018: 11(2). Pages 296-315.
Authors: Hunter Gehlbach, Carly D. Robinson
Keywords: Educational research, P-hacking, Preregistration, Replication, Research methods
Find It Challenges in Building Usable Knowledge in Education
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 1-21.
Author: Larry V. Hedges
Keywords: External validity, Generalizability, MOST trials, Replication
Find It Even More Challenges in Building Usable Knowledge in Education
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 22-24.
Author: Judith D. Singer
Find It Improvement Not Evaluation: Using RCTs to Build Usable Knowledge in Education
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 25-26.
Author: John Q. Easton
Find It Developing Optimized Adaptive Interventions in Education
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 27-34.
Authors: Daniel Almirall, Connie Kasari, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Inbal Nahum-Shani
Find It Does Fidelity of Implementation Account for Changes in Teacher–Child Interactions in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Banking Time?
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 35-55.
Authors: Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, Amanda Williford, Jessica Whittaker, Jamie DeCoster, Pilar Alamos
Keywords: Preschool, Randomized trial, Teacher-child relationships, Fidelity of implementation
Find It Efficacy of the Check & Connect Mentoring Program for At-Risk General Education High School Students
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 56-82.
Authors: Jessica B. Heppen, Kristina Zeiser, Deborah J. Holtzman, Mindee O'Cummings, Sandra Christenson, Angie Pohl
Keywords: Dropout prevention, Efficacy trials, At-risk students, Mentoring
Find It The Impact of Teacher Study Groups in Vocabulary on Teaching Practice, Teacher Knowledge, and Student Vocabulary Knowledge: A Large-Scale Replication Study
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 82-108.
Authors: Madhavi Jayanthi, Joseph Dimino, Russell Gersten, Mary Jo Taylor, Kelly Haymond, Keith Smolkowski, Rebecca Newman-Gonchar
Keywords: RCT, Teacher study groups, Vocabulary, Professional development
Find It Findings From a Multiyear Scale-Up Effectiveness Trial of Open Court Reading
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 109-132.
Authors: Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Geoffrey Borman, Sarah Caverly, Nance Bell, Kate Sullivan, Veronica Ruiz de Castilla, Grace Fleming, Debra Rodriguez, Chad Henry, Tracy Long, Debra Hughes Jones
Keywords: Open Court Reading (OCR), Reading performance, Reading curriculum, Cluster randomized trial
Find It Bounding, An Accessible Method for Estimating Principal Causal Effects, Examined and Explained
JREE 2018: 11(1). Pages 133-162.
Authors: Luke Miratrix, Jane Furey, Avi Feller, Todd Grindal, Lindsay C. Page
Keywords: Principal stratification, Manski bounds, Early College High Schools, Multi-site randomized trials, Noncompliance
Find It Editors’ Introduction: Theme Issue on Variation in Treatment Effects
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 671-674.
Authors: Sean F. Reardon, Elizabeth A. Stuart
Find It Varying States of Head Start: Impacts of a Federal Program Across State Policy Contexts
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 675-703.
Authors: Maia C. Connors, Allison H. Friedman-Krauss
Keywords: Head Start, Policy, Quality, Early care and education
Find It Understanding Associations Between Low-Income Mothers' Participation in Education and Parenting
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 704-731.
Authors: Jessica F. Harding, Pamela A. Morris, Jennifer Hill
Keywords: Parenting, Maternal education, Low-income, Intergenerational, Parenting practices
Find It Promoting Parents' Social Capital to Increase Children's Attendance in Head Start: Evidence From an Experimental Intervention
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 732-766.
Authors: Teresa Eckrich Sommer, Terri J. Sabol, P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Mario Small, Henry Wilde, Sean Brown, Zong Yang Huang
Keywords: Social capital, Head Start, Children's attendance
Find It The Poor Get Richer: Heterogeneity in the Efficacy of a School-Level Intervention for Academic Language
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 767-793.
Authors: Joshua F. Lawrence, David Francis, Juliana Paré-Blagoev, Catherine E. Snow
Keywords: Randomized trial, Academic vocabulary, Hierarchical linear models, Middle school interventions, Reading comprehension
Find It Can Low-Cost Online Summer Math Programs Improve Student Preparation for College-Level Math? Evidence From Randomized Experiments at Three Universities
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 794-816.
Authors: Matthew M. Chingos, Rebecca J. Griffiths, Christine Mulhern
Keywords: Remedial math, Online instruction, Higher education, Student learning, Randomized experiment
Find It Using Multisite Experiments to Study Cross-Site Variation in Treatment Effects: A Hybrid Approach With Fixed Intercepts and a Random Treatment Coefficient
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 817-842.
Authors: Howard S. Bloom, Stephen W. Raudenbush, Michael J. Weiss, Kristin Porter
Keywords: Multisite trials, Impact variation
Find It How Much Do the Effects of Education and Training Programs Vary Across Sites? Evidence From Past Multisite Randomized Trials
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 843-876.
Authors: Michael J. Weiss, Howard S. Bloom, Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz, Himani Gupta, Alma E. Vigil, Daniel N. Cullinan
Keywords: Design parameters, Minimum detectable effect, Power calculation, Effect variation, External validity
Find It Assessing the Precision of Multisite Trials for Estimating the Parameters of a Cross-Site Population Distribution of Program Effects
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 877-902.
Authors: Howard S. Bloom, Jessaca Spybrook
Keywords: Multisite trials, Impact variation, Statistical precision
Find It The Role of the Sample in Estimating and Explaining Treatment Effect Heterogeneity
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 903-906.
Authors: Elizabeth Tipton, Larry V. Hedges
Find It Evaluating Educational Interventions When Impacts May Vary Across Sites
JREE 2017: 10(4). Pages 907-911.
Author: Robert B. Olsen
Find It Improving Literacy Instruction in Kenya Through Teacher Professional Development and Text Messages Support: A Cluster Randomized Trial
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 449-481.
Authors: Matthew C. H. Jukes, Elizabeth L. Turner, Margaret M. Dubeck, Katherine E. Halliday, Hellen N. Inyega, Sharon Wolf, Stephanie Simmons Zuilkowski, Simon J. Brooker
Keywords: Early grade reading, Literacy instruction, Africa, Kenya, RCT
Find It Early Childhood Care and Education and School Readiness in Zambia
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 482-506.
Authors: Dana Charles McCoy, Stephanie Simmons Zuilkowski, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Günther Fink
Keywords: School readiness, Preschool, Early childhood, Zambia
Find It Impacts After One Year of “Healing Classroom” on Children's Reading and Math Skills in DRC: Results From a Cluster Randomized Trial
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 507-529.
Authors: J. Lawrence Aber, Catalina Torrente, Leighann Starkey, Brian Johnston, Edward Seidman, Peter Halpin, Anjuli Shivshanker, Nina Weisenhorn, Jeannie Annan, Sharon Wolf
Keywords: Education, Intervention, International
Find It What We Are Learning About Early Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 530-534.
Author: Amber Gove
Find It Improving Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa Using Rigorous Research Designs
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 535-540.
Author: Benjamin Piper
Find It Promising Interventions Are Great, but Are They Enough?
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 541-544.
Author: Hans Bos
Find It The Effect of Private School Vouchers on Political Participation: Experimental Evidence From New York City
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 545-569.
Authors: Deven Carlson, Matthew M. Chingos, David E. Campbell
Keywords: Private school vouchers, Political participation, Experimental design
Find It Impact of the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program in High-Need Rural Districts
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 570-595.
Authors: H. Alix Gallagher, Nicole Arshan, Katrina Woodworth
Keywords: Teacher professional development, Writing instruction, Argument writing, Rural, Randomized controlled trial
Find It Peer-Based Supplemental Instruction in STEM: Differences in Effectiveness Across Transfer and Nontransfer Undergraduates
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 596-618.
Authors: Rabi A. Musah, Michael Ford
Keywords: Transfer students, Peer-based supplemental instruction, STEM education, Pass rates, Chemistry
Find It Latent Profiles of Reading and Language and Their Association With Standardized Reading Outcomes in Kindergarten Through Tenth Grade
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 619-645.
Authors: Barbara R. Foorman, Yaacov Petscher, Christopher Stanley, Adrea Truckenmiller
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Reading profiles, Academic language, Latent profile analysis
Find It Partially Identified Treatment Effects for Generalizability
JREE 2017: 10(3). Pages 646-669.
Author: Wendy Chan
Keywords: Causal inference, Generalizability, Partial identification, Bounds
Find It The Effect of an Analysis-of-Practice, Videocase-Based, Teacher Professional Development Program on Elementary Students' Science Achievement
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 241-271.
Authors: Joseph A. Taylor, Kathleen Roth, Christopher D. Wilson, Molly A. M. Stuhlsatz, Elizabeth Tipton
Keywords: Lesson analysis, Professional development, Effectiveness study
Find It The Struggle to Pass Algebra: Online vs. Face-to-Face Credit Recovery for At-Risk Urban Students
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 272-296.
Authors: Jessica B. Heppen, Nicholas Sorensen, Elaine Allensworth, Kirk Walters, Jordan Rickles, Suzanne Stachel Taylor, Valerie Michelman
Keywords: Online learning, Randomized controlled trial, Credit recovery, Algebra, At-risk students
Find It Smoothing the Transition to Postsecondary Education: The Impact of the Early College Model
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 297-325.
Authors: Julie A. Edmunds, Fatih Unlu, Elizabeth Glennie, Lawrence Bernstein, Lily Fesler, Jane Furey, Nina Arshavsky
Keywords: High school reform, Experimental study, Postsecondary education
Find It Impact of a Technology-Mediated Reading Intervention on Adolescents' Reading Comprehension
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 326-353.
Authors: Melissa Fogarty, Nathan Clemens, Deborah Simmons, Leah Anderson, John Davis, Ashley Smith, Huan Wang, Oi-man Kwok, Leslie E. Simmons, Eric Oslund
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Struggling readers, Technology-mediated interventions
Find It Effectiveness of Large-Scale, State-Sponsored Language and Literacy Professional Development on Early Childhood Educator Outcomes
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 354-378.
Authors: Shayne B. Piasta, Laura M. Justice, Ann A. O'Connell, Susie Mauck, Melissa Weber-Mayrer, Rachel E. Schachter, Kristin S. Farley, Caitlin F. Spear
Keywords: Professional development, Effectiveness trial, Early childhood, Language and literacy
Find It The Impact of a Professional Development Program on Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Instruction, and Student Achievement
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 379-407.
Authors: Robin Jacob, Heather Hill, Doug Corey
Keywords: Teacher professional development, Mathematics, Elementary school, Experimental design, Teacher content knowledge
Find It The Impact of Item Dependency on the Efficiency of Testing and Reliability of Student Scores From a Computer Adaptive Assessment of Reading Comprehension
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 408-423.
Authors: Yaacov Petscher, Barbara R. Foorman, Adrea J. Truckenmiller
Keywords: Computer adaptive testing, Reading, Precision, Assessment
Find It The Methodological Challenges of Measuring Student Learning, Degree Attainment, and Early Labor Market Outcomes in Higher Education
JREE 2017: 10(2). Pages 424-448.
Authors: Tatiana Melguizo, Gema Zamarro, Tatiana Velasco, Fabio J. Sanchez
Keywords: Student learning outcomes, Higher education, Graduation, Labor outcomes, Quality
Find It Moving Education Science Forward by Leaps and Bounds: The Need for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Improving Children's Educational Trajectories
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 1-6.
Authors: Pamela A. Morris, Sean F. Reardon
Find It Persistence and Fadeout in the Impacts of Child and Adolescent Interventions
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 7-39.
Authors: Drew Bailey, Greg J. Duncan, Candice L. Odgers, Winnie Yu
Keywords: Interventions, Fadeout, Methodology
Find It Universal Interventions: Fully Exploring Their Impacts and Potential to Produce Population-Level Impacts
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 40-67.
Authors: Mark T. Greenberg, Rachel Abenavoli
Keywords: Universal prevention, Education, Mental health promotion, Methods of analysis
Find It Unpacking the Treatment Contrast in the Head Start Impact Study: To What Extent Does Assignment to Treatment Affect Quality of Care?
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 68-95.
Authors: Allison H. Friedman-Krauss, Maia C. Connors, Pamela A. Morris
Keywords: Head Start, Early childhood care and education, Quality, Treatment contrast
Find It Does Early Mathematics Intervention Change the Processes Underlying Children's Learning?
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 96-115.
Authors: Tyler W. Watts, Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama, Christopher B. Wolfe, Mary Elaine Spitler, Drew H. Bailey
Keywords: Early childhood, Interventions, Mathematics
Find It Causal Connections Between Mathematical Language and Mathematical Knowledge: A Dialogic Reading Intervention
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 116-137.
Authors: David J. Purpura, Amy R. Napoli, Elizabeth A. Wehrspann, Zachary S. Gold
Keywords: Mathematical language, Mathematics, Vocabulary, Preschool, Dialogic reading
Find It Estimating Causal Effects of Education Interventions Using a Two-Rating Regression Discontinuity Design: Lessons From a Simulation Study and an Application
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 138-167.
Authors: Kristin E. Porter, Sean F. Reardon, Fatih Unlu, Howard S. Bloom, Joseph R. Cimpian
Keywords: Regression discontinuity design, RDD, Multiple ratings
Find It Characteristics of School Districts That Participate in Rigorous National Educational Evaluations
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 168-206.
Authors: Elizabeth A. Stuart, Stephen H. Bell, Cyrus Ebnesajjad, Robert B. Olsen, Larry L. Orr
Keywords: External validity, Generalizability, Randomized experiment
Find It Empirical Performance of Covariates in Education Observational Studies
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 207-236.
Authors: Vivian C. Wong, Jeffrey C. Valentine, Kate Miller-Bains
Keywords: Within-study comparison designs, Observational studies, Matching, Design replication
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2017: 10(1). Pages 237-239.
Find It Delayed Effects of a Low-Cost and Large-Scale Summer Reading Intervention on Elementary School Children's Reading Comprehension
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 1-22.
Authors: James S. Kim, Jonathan Guryan, Thomas G. White, David M. Quinn, Lauren Capotosto, Helen Chen Kingston
Keywords: Reading interventions, Reading comprehension, Scale-up, Summer reading
Find It Effects From a Randomized Control Trial Comparing Researcher and School-Implemented Treatments With Fourth Graders With Significant Reading Difficulties
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 23-44.
Authors: Sharon Vaughn, Michael Solís, Jeremy Miciak, W. Pat Taylor, Jack M. Fletcher
Keywords: Reading intervention, Reading comprehension, Reading difficulties, Fourth grade
Find It Examining the Average and Local Effects of a Standardized Treatment for Fourth Graders With Reading Difficulties
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 45-66.
Authors: Jeanne Wanzek, Yaacov Petscher, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Shawn C. Kent, Christopher Schatschneider, Martha Haynes, Brenna K. Rivas, Francesca G. Jones
Keywords: Reading, Intervention, Reading difficulties
Find It Leveraging Volunteers: An Experimental Evaluation of a Tutoring Program for Struggling Readers
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 67-92.
Authors: Robin Jacob, Catherine Armstrong, A. Brooks Bowden, Yilin Pan
Keywords: Volunteers, Cost study, Randomized control trial, Struggling readers, Tutors
Find It Examining the Impact of QuickReads' Technology and Print Formats on Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Development for Elementary Students
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 93-116.
Authors: Guy Trainin, H. Emily Hayden, Kathleen Wilson, Joan Erickson
Keywords: Reading fluency, Reading comprehension, Content area reading, Technology, Vocabulary
Find It Experimental Impacts of a Preschool Intervention in Chile on Children's Language Outcomes: Moderation by Student Absenteeism
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 117-149.
Authors: MaryCatherine Arbour, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, John Willett, Christina Weiland, Catherine Snow, Susana Mendive, M. Clara Barata, Ernesto Treviño
Keywords: Chronic absenteeism, Attendance, Preschool education, Latin America, Chile, Experiment, Regression-based subgroup analysis, Impact moderation
Find It Improving the General Language Skills of Second-Language Learners in Kindergarten: A Randomized Controlled Trial
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 150-170.
Authors: Kristin Rogde, Monica Melby-Lervåg, Arne Lervåg
Keywords: Second-language learners, General language skills, Vocabulary, Intervention, Randomized controlled trial
Find It Measuring Critical Thinking: Results From an Art Museum Field Trip Experiment
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 171-187.
Authors: Brian Kisida, Daniel H. Bowen, Jay P. Greene
Keywords: Experimental design, Arts education, Critical thinking, Informal learning
Find It Effects of Interim Assessments on Student Achievement: Evidence From a Large-Scale Experiment
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 188-208.
Authors: Spyros Konstantopoulos, Shazia R. Miller, Arie van der Ploeg, Wei Li
Keywords: Field experiment, Interim assessments, Student achievement, IV estimation, Multilevel models
Find It Site Selection in Experiments: An Assessment of Site Recruitment and Generalizability in Two Scale-up Studies
JREE 2016: 9(S1). Pages 209-228.
Authors: Elizabeth Tipton, Lauren Fellers, Sarah Caverly, Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Geoffrey Borman, Kate Sullivan, Veronica Ruiz de Castilla
Keywords: Generalization, External validity, Recruitment
Find It Assessing Impacts of Math in Focus, a "Singapore Math" Program
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 473-502.
Authors: Andrew P. Jaciw, Whitney Michelle Hegseth, Li Lin, Megan Toby, Denis Newman, Boya Ma, Jenna Zacamy
Keywords: Mathematics, Singapore Math, Grades 3-5, Impact evaluation
Find It Class Size Effects on Fourth-Grade Mathematics Achievement: Evidence From TIMSS 2011
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 503-530.
Authors: Wei Li, Spyros Konstantopoulos
Keywords: Class size, Mathematics achievement, TIMSS, Instrumental variables, Regression discontinuity
Find It The Implications of Contamination for Educational Experiments With Two Levels of Nesting
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 531-555.
Author: Christopher Rhoads
Keywords: Contamination, Cluster-randomized studies, Statistical power, Field experiments, Experimental design
Find It Designing Intervention Studies: Selected Populations, Range Restrictions, and Statistical Power
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 556-569.
Authors: Jeremy Miciak, W. Pat Taylor, Karla K. Stuebing, Jack M. Fletcher, Sharon Vaughn
Keywords: Intervention research, Statistical power, Sampling, Restriction of range
Find It Advancing Understanding of Mathematics Development and Intervention: Findings From NCSER-Funded Efficacy Studies
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 570-576.
Author: Rob Ochsendorf
Find It Effects of Tutorial Interventions in Mathematics and Attention for Low-Performing Preschool Children
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 577-606.
Authors: Marcia A. Barnes, Alice Klein, Paul Swank, Prentice Starkey, Bruce McCandliss, Kylie Flynn, Tricia Zucker, Chun-Wei Huang, Anna-Mária Fall, Greg Roberts
Keywords: Randomized controlled trial, Pre-kindergarten, Mathematics, Attention, Math difficulties
Find It Testing the Immediate and Long-Term Efficacy of a Tier 2 Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 607-634.
Authors: Ben Clarke, Christian Doabler, Keith Smolkowski, Evangeline Kurtz Nelson, Hank Fien, Scott K. Baker, Derek Kosty
Keywords: Intervention, Mathematics, RTI
Find It An Examination of the Promise of the NumberShire Level 1 Gaming Intervention for Improving Student Mathematics Outcomes
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 635-661.
Authors: Hank Fien, Christian T. Doabler, Nancy J. Nelson, Derek B. Kosty, Ben Clarke, Scott K. Baker
Keywords: Intervention, Gaming, Math
Find It Does Evidence-Based Fractions Intervention Address the Needs of Very Low-Performing Students?
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 662-677.
Authors: Lynn S. Fuchs, Sonya K. Sterba, Douglas Fuchs, Amelia S. Malone
Keywords: Mathematics, Intervention, Elementary
Find It Commentary on Intensive Interventions: What Are the Limits of Highly Structured Curriculum for At-Risk Students?
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 678-683.
Author: John Woodward
Find It What We Are Learning About Mathematics Interventions and Conducting Research on Mathematics Interventions
JREE 2016: 9(4). Pages 684-688.
Author: Russell Gersten
Find It National Board Certification and Teacher Effectiveness: Evidence From Washington State
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 233-258.
Authors: James Cowan, Dan Goldhaber
Keywords: Teacher effectiveness, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Teacher evaluation
Find It Teaching for All? Teach For America's Effects Across the Distribution of Student Achievement
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 259-282.
Author: Emily K. Penner
Keywords: Teach For America, Quantile treatment effects, Student achievement
Find It Four-Year Degree and Employment Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial of a One-Year Performance-Based Scholarship Program in Ohio
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 283-306.
Authors: Alexander K. Mayer, Reshma Patel, Melvin Gutierrez
Keywords: Higher education, Financial incentives, College students
Find It Note-Taking Interventions for College Students: A Synthesis and Meta-Analysis of the Literature
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 307-333.
Authors: Deborah K. Reed, Hillary Rimel, Abigail Hallett
Keywords: Note taking, College, Instructional strategies, Meta-analysis
Find It The Impact of a Holistic Conditional Cash Transfer Program in New York City on Parental Financial Investment, Student Time Use, and Educational Processes and Outcomes
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 334-363.
Authors: J. Lawrence Aber, Pamela Morris, Sharon Wolf, Juliette Berg
Keywords: Conditional cash transfers, Time use, Financial investments, High school
Find It Do Effects of Social-Emotional Learning Programs Vary by Level of Parent Participation? Evidence From the Randomized Trial of INSIGHTS
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 364-394.
Authors: Meghan P. McCormick, Elise Cappella, Erin O'Connor, Jennifer L. Hill, Sandee McClowry
Keywords: Social-emotional learning, Parent programs, Parent involvement, Elementary school, Achievement, Behaviors, Attention
Find It Assessing Sensitivity to Unmeasured Confounding Using a Simulated Potential Confounder
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 395-420.
Authors: Nicole Bohme Carnegie, Masataka Harada, Jennifer L. Hill
Keywords: Causal inference, Sensitivity analysis, Unmeasured confounder, Hidden bias, Omitted variable
Find It Estimating the Standard Error of the Impact Estimator in Individually Randomized Trials With Clustering
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 421-444.
Authors: Michael J. Weiss, J.R. Lockwood, Daniel F. McCaffrey
Keywords: Randomized experiment, Standard error, Clustering, Individual random assignment, Grouping
Find It Examining the Earnings Trajectories of Community College Students Using a Piecewise Growth Curve Modeling Approach
JREE 2016: 9(3). Pages 445-471.
Authors: Shanna Smith Jaggars, Di Xu
Keywords: Community college, Low-income, Labor market
Find It Introduction
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 151-152.
Authors: Sharon R. Vaughn, Christopher J. Lonigan, Carol McDonald Connor
Find It Cognitive Difficulties in Struggling Comprehenders and Their Relation to Reading Comprehension: A Comparison of Group Selection and Regression-Based Models
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 153-172.
Authors: Marcia A. Barnes, Karla K. Stuebing, Jack M. Fletcher, Amy E. Barth, David J. Francis
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Suppression, Regression, Proactive interference, Inhibition
Find It A Pilot Study of the Impact of Double-Dose Robust Vocabulary Instruction on Children's Vocabulary Growth
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 173-200.
Authors: Language and Reading Research Consortium, Ann M. Arthur, Dawn L. Davis
Keywords: Vocabulary, Language, Quasi-experiment, Classroom instruction
Find It Contributions of Academic Language, Perspective Taking, and Complex Reasoning to Deep Reading Comprehension
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 201-222.
Authors: Maria LaRusso, Ha Yeon Kim, Robert Selman, Paola Uccelli, Theo Dawson, Stephanie Jones, Suzanne Donovan, Catherine Snow
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Find It Identifying Robust Variations Associated With Reading Comprehension Skill: The Search for Pressure Points
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 223-231.
Authors: Donald L. Compton, P. David Pearson
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Predictors, Evidence-based practice, Pressure points
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2016: 9(2). Pages 232-232.
Find It Letter from the Editors
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 1-2.
Authors: Sean F. Reardon, Beth Gamse, Pamela A. Morris, Elizabeth Stuart
Find It The Impact of Every Classroom, Every Day on High School Student Achievement: Results From a School-Randomized Trial
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 3-29.
Authors: Diane M. Early, Juliette K. Berg, Stacey Alicea, Yajuan Si, J. Lawrence Aber, Richard M. Ryan, Edward L. Deci
Keywords: Instruction, School-randomized trial, High school, Math achievement, English/language arts achievement
Find It Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Early Reading Programs: A Demonstration With Recommendations for Future Research
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 30-53.
Authors: Fiona M. Hollands, Michael J. Kieffer, Robert Shand, Yilin Pan, Henan Cheng, Henry M. Levin
Keywords: Cost-effectiveness, Program evaluation, Early reading
Find It For Which Children of Economic Disadvantage and in Which Instructional Contexts Does Earobics Step 1 Improve Kindergarteners' Literacy?
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 54-76.
Author: Jason L. Anthony
Keywords: Earobics, Moderation, Literacy, Phonological awareness, Evaluation
Find It Long-Term Effects of Strategic Reading Instruction in the Intermediate Elementary Grades
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 77-102.
Authors: Mienke Droop, Willy van Elsäcker, Marinus J. M. Voeten, Ludo Verhoeven
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Reading strategies, Intervention study
Find It Assessing Methods for Generalizing Experimental Impact Estimates to Target Populations
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 103-127.
Authors: Holger L. Kern, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Jennifer Hill, Donald P. Green
Keywords: Bayesian Additive Regression Trees, External validity, Generalizability, Propensity score weighting
Find It Generating Hypotheses and Upper-Bound Effect Sizes Using a Large Number of School Characteristics and Student Outcomes
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 128-147.
Author: Mark C. Long
Keywords: Hypotheses, Effect sizes, Exploration
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2016: 9(1). Pages 148-148.
Find It Monetary and Nonmonetary Student Incentives for Tutoring Services: A Randomized Controlled Trial
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 453-474.
Authors: Matthew Spring, Brooks Rosenquist, Walker Swain
Keywords: Financial incentives, Experiment, Accountability
Find It Enhancing Secondary School Instruction and Student Achievement: Replication and Extension of the My Teaching Partner-Secondary Intervention
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 475-489.
Authors: Joseph Allen, Christopher Hafen, Anne Gregory, Amori Mikami, Robert Pianta
Keywords: Achievement, Professional development, Teacher-student interactions
Find It Effectiveness of Supplemental Kindergarten Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners: A Randomized Study of Immediate and Longer-Term Effects of Two Approaches
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 490-529.
Authors: Patricia Vadasy, Elizabeth Sanders, J. Ron Nelson
Keywords: English learners, Kindergarten, Multi-level modeling, Supplemental instruction, Cluster-randomized trial
Find It Learning Algebra by Example in Real-World Classrooms
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Authors: Julie Booth, Melissa Oyer, E. Juliana Paré-Blagoev, Andrew Elliot, Christina Barbieri, Adam Augustine, Kenneth Koedinger
Keywords: Worked examples, Prior knowledge, Algebra learning
Find It Bias Reduction in Quasi-Experiments With Little Selection Theory but Many Covariates
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 552-576.
Authors: Peter Steiner, Thomas Cook, Wei Li, M.H. Clark
Keywords: Observational study, Causal inference, Propensity score, Covariate selection
Find It Causal Mediation in Educational Research: An Illustration Using International Assessment Data
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 577-597.
Author: Daniel Caro
Keywords: Causation, International assessments, Early literacy activities, PIRLS
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2015: 8(4). Pages 598-598.
Find It Investigating the Efficacy of a Core Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum to Improve Student Mathematics Learning Outcomes
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 303-324.
Authors: Ben Clarke, Scott Baker, Keith Smolkowski, Christian Doabler, Mari Strand Cary, Hank Fien
Keywords: Mathematics, Number sense, Prevention, Learning disabiities
Find It Efficacy of Rich Vocabulary Instruction in Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Classrooms
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 325-365.
Authors: Patricia F. Vadasy, Elizabeth A. Sanders, Becky Logan
Keywords: Vocabulary, Efficacy, Randomized trial, Comprehension, Proximal outcomes
Find It Benchmarks for Expected Annual Academic Growth for Students in the Bottom Quartile of the Normative Distribution
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 366-379.
Authors: Nancy K. Scammacca, Anna-Maria Fall, Greg Roberts
Keywords: Effect sizes, Education evaluation, Low-performing students
Find It Does an Early College Readiness Signal Discourage College Application and Enrollment?
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 380-399.
Author: Jacob S. Jackson
Keywords: College remediation, College readiness, College information
Find It Guiding the Development and Use of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Education
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 400-418.
Authors: Henry M. Levin, Clive Belfield
Keywords: Costs, Economics, Cost-effectiveness
Find It Distributional Analysis in Educational Evaluation: A Case Study from the New York City Voucher Program
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 419-450.
Authors: Marianne Bitler, Thurston Domina, Emily Penner, Hilary Hoynes
Keywords: Voucher, Choice, Distributional effects, Experiments, Quantile treatment effects
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2015: 8(3). Pages 451-451.
Find It Social Identity and Achievement Gaps: Evidence From an Affirmation Intervention
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 149-168.
Author: Thomas S. Dee
Keywords: Stereotype threat, Achievement gaps, Field intervention
Find It Promoting Acceleration of Comprehension and Content Through Text in High School Social Studies Classes
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 169-188.
Authors: Jeanne Wanzek, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Greg Roberts, Sharon Vaughn, Shawn C. Kent
Keywords: Team-based learning, Content area literacy, Secondary instruction
Find It A Random Assignment Evaluation of Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College - Seven Years Later
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 189-217.
Authors: Michael J. Weiss, Alexander K. Mayer, Dan Cullinan, Alyssa Ratledge, Colleen Sommo, John Diamond
Keywords: Learning communities, Community college, Randomized experiment, Developmental English, Earnings
Find It Using Regression Discontinuity to Test the Impact of a Tier 2 Reading Intervention in First Grade
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 218-244.
Authors: Scott K. Baker, Keith Smolkowski, Erin A. Chaparro, Jean L. M. Smith, Hank Fien
Keywords: Regression discontinuity design, Early reading instruction, Tiered instruction and intervention, Reading risk, Responsibility to intervention
Find It Adding Design Elements to Improve Time Series Designs: No Child Left Behind as an Example of Causal Pattern-Matching
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 245-279.
Authors: Manyee Wong, Thomas D. Cook, Peter M. Steiner
Keywords: No Child Left Behind, Pattern matching, Coherence, Comparative interrupted time series
Find It Covariate Balance in Bayesian Propensity Score Approaches for Observational Studies
JREE 2015: 8(2). Pages 280-302.
Authors: Jianshen Chen, David Kaplan
Keywords: Propensity scores, Covariate balance, Bayesian statistics
Find It Policy and Research Challenges of Moving Toward Best Practices in Using Student Test Scores to Evaluate Teacher Performance
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 1-7.
Authors: Cassandra M. Guarino, Mark D. Reckase, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Find It Assessing the "Rothstein Falsification Test": Does It Really Show Teacher Value-Added Models Are Biased?
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 8-34.
Authors: Dan Goldhaber, Duncan Dunbar Chaplin
Keywords: Value added, Falsification tests, Teacher evaluation
Find It Evaluating Specification Tests in the Context of Value-Added Estimation
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 35-59.
Authors: Cassandra M. Guarino, Mark D. Reckase, Brian W. Stacy, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Keywords: Value-added, Teacher quality, Specification tests
Find It Sensitivity of Teacher Value-Added Estimates to Student and Peer Control Variables
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 60-83.
Authors: Matthew T. Johnson, Stephen Lipscomb, Brian Gill
Keywords: Value-added models, Teacher evaluation, Education
Find It Disentangling Disadvantage: Can We Distinguish Good Teaching From Classroom Composition?
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 84-111.
Authors: Gema Zamarro, John Engberg, Juan Esteban Saavedra, Jennifer Steele
Keywords: Teacher sorting, Value-added methods, Simulation
Find It Accounting for Co-Teaching: A Guide for Policymakers and Developers of Value-Added Models
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 112-119.
Authors: Eric Isenberg, Elias Walsh
Keywords: Full roster method, Co-teaching, Value added
Find It Elementary School Data Issues for Value-Added Models: Implications for Research
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 120-129.
Authors: Eric Isenberg, Bing-ru Teh, Elias Walsh
Keywords: Value added, Roster confirmation, Teacher
Find It Incorporating End-of-Course Exam Timing Into Educational Performance Evaluations
JREE 2015: 8(1). Pages 130-147.
Authors: Eric Parsons, Cory Koedel, Michael Podgursky, Mark Ehlert, P. Brett Xiang
Keywords: End-of-course exam, District evaluation, School evaluation, Teacher evaluation, Value added
Find It Integrating Content Knowledge-Building and Student-Regulated Comprehension Practices in Secondary English Language Arts Classes
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Find It Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial Examining Intelligent Tutoring of Structure Strategy for Fifth-Grade Readers
JREE 2014: 7(4). Pages 331-357.
Authors: Kausalai Wijekumar, Bonnie J. F. Meyer, Pui-Wa Lei, Yu-Chu Lin, Lori A. Johnson, James A. Spielvogel, Kathryn M. Shurmatz, Melissa Ray, Michael Cook
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Find It A Randomized Trial of an Elementary School Mathematics Software Intervention: Spatial-Temporal Math
JREE 2014: 7(4). Pages 358-383.
Authors: Teomara Rutherford, George Farkas, Greg Duncan, Margaret Burchinal, Melissa Kibrick, Jeneen Graham, Lindsey Richland, Natalie Tran, Stephanie Schneider, Lauren Duran, Michael E. Martinez
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Find It Understanding Statistical Power in Cluster Randomized Trials: Challenges Posed by Differences in Notation and Terminology
JREE 2014: 7(4). Pages 384-406.
Authors: Jessaca Spybrook, Larry Hedges, Michael Borenstein
Keywords: Research design, Cluster randomized trials, Statistical power
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2014: 7(4). Pages 407-407.
Find It Learning Disabilities Research Studies: Findings From NICHD-Funded Projects
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 225-231.
Authors: Brett Miller, Sharon Vaughn, Lisa S. Freund
Find It Behavioral Attention: A Longitudinal Study of Whether and How It Influences the Development of Word Reading and Reading Comprehension Among At-Risk Readers
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 232-249.
Authors: Amanda C. Miller, Douglas Fuchs, Lynn S. Fuchs, Donald Compton, Devin Kearns, Wenjuan Zhang, Loulee Yen, Samuel Patton, Danielle Peterson Kirchner
Keywords: Attention, Intervention, Reading
Find It Long-Term Effects of First-Grade Multitier Intervention
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 250-267.
Authors: Stephanie Al Otaiba, Young-Suk Kim, Jeanne Wanzek, Yaacov Petscher, Richard K. Wagner
Keywords: Response to intervention, Reading, Learning disabilities, Longitudinal
Find It An Experimental Evaluation of Guided Reading and Explicit Interventions for Primary-Grade Students At-Risk for Reading Difficulties
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 268-293.
Authors: Carolyn A. Denton, Jack M. Fletcher, W. Pat Taylor, Amy E. Barth, Sharon Vaughn
Keywords: Reading intervention, Guided reading, Explicit instruction, Early intervention
Find It Accumulating Knowledge: When Are Reading Intervention Results Meaningful?
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 294-299.
Authors: Jack M. Fletcher, Richard K. Wagner
Keywords: Reading interventions, Effect sizes
Find It Closing a Virtuous Circle: Reciprocal Influences Between Theory and Practice in Studies of Reading Intervention
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 300-306.
Authors: Margaret J. Snowling, Charles Hulme
Keywords: Reading intervention, Causal models of reading, Response to intervention
Find It Corrigendum
JREE 2014: 7(3). Pages 307-307.
Find It Effectiveness of Supplemental Educational Services
JREE 2014: 7(2). Pages 137-165.
Authors: John Deke, Brian Gill, Lisa Dragoset, Karen Bogen
Keywords: Regression discontinuity, Impacts, Supplemental educational services, Evaluation
Find It The Effects of Scholarship Amount on Yield and Success for Master's Students in Education
JREE 2014: 7(2). Pages 166-182.
Authors: Andy Porter, Rui Yang, Jun Hwang, Jennifer McMaken, Jamey Rorison
Keywords: Higher education, Scholarship support, Yield
Find It The Effects of Team-Based Learning on Social Studies Knowledge Acquisition in High School
JREE 2014: 7(2). Pages 183-204.
Authors: Jeanne Wanzek, Sharon Vaughn, Shawn C. Kent, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Greg Roberts, Martha Haynes, Anna-Maria Fall, Stephanie J. Stillman-Spisak, Michael Solis
Keywords: Team-based learning, Social studies instruction, Discourse, Collaborative learning, Secondary instruction
Find It Under What Circumstances Does External Knowledge About the Correlation Structure Improve Power in Cluster Randomized Designs?
JREE 2014: 7(2). Pages 205-224.
Author: Christopher Rhoads
Keywords: Statistical power, Field experiments, Cluster-randomized experiments, Hierarchical modeling, Research design
Find It High-School Exit Examinations and the Schooling Decisions of Teenagers: Evidence From Regression-Discontinuity Approaches
JREE 2014: 7(1). Pages 1-27.
Authors: John P. Papay, Richard J. Murnane, John B. Willett
Keywords: Exit examinations, High-stakes tests, Regresson-discontinuity
Find It Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Tier 2 Reading Instruction for First-Grade Students With a High Probability of Reading Failure
JREE 2014: 7(1). Pages 28-53.
Authors: Lisa Case, Deborah Speece, Rebecca Silverman, Christopher Schatschneider, Elizabeth Montanaro, Kristen Ritchey
Keywords: Tier 2, Reading intervention, First grade, Response to intervention
Find It Helping ELLs Meet the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Science: The Impact of an Instructional Intervention Focused on Academic Language
JREE 2014: 7(1). Pages 54-82.
Authors: Diane August, Lee Branum-Martin, Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, David J. Francis, Jennifer Powell, Sarah Moore, Erin F. Haynes
Keywords: English language learners, Middle school, Science instruction, Academic language
Find It Assessing Fidelity of Implementation of an Unprescribed, Diagnostic Mathematics Intervention
JREE 2014: 7(1). Pages 83-113.
Authors: Charles Munter, Anne Garrison Wilhelm, Paul Cobb, David S. Cordray
Keywords: Fidelity of implementation, Program evaluation, Unprescribed interventions
Find It Sample Selection in Randomized Experiments: A New Method Using Propensity Score Stratified Sampling
JREE 2014: 7(1). Pages 114-135.
Authors: Elizabeth Tipton, Larry Hedges, Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Geoffrey Borman, Kate Sullivan, Sarah Caverly
Keywords: Experimental design, Scale-up, Sampling, Stratified, Recruitment
Find It Two-Year Impacts of a Comprehensive Family Financial Rewards Program on Children's Academic Outcomes: Moderation by Likelihood of Earning Rewards
JREE 2013: 6(4). Pages 295-338.
Authors: Juliette Berg, Pamela Morris, Larry Aber
Keywords: Conditional cash transfer programs, Experimental evaluation, Academic achievement, Multivariate subgroup analysis
Find It Cooperative Learning and Literacy: A Meta-Analytic Review
JREE 2013: 6(4). Pages 339-360.
Authors: Kelly Puzio, Glenn T. Colby
Keywords: Literacy instruction, Meta-analysis, Cooperative learning
Find It Development of Reading and Mathematics Skills in Early Adolescence: Do K-8 Public Schools Make a Difference?
JREE 2013: 6(4). Pages 361-379.
Author: Michael J. Kieffer
Keywords: Adolescence, Middle school, Grade configuration, Reading, Mathematics
Find It Refining Methods for Estimating Critical Values for an Alignment Index
JREE 2013: 6(4). Pages 380-395.
Authors: Morgan S. Polikoff, Gavin W. Fulmer
Keywords: Alignment, Simulation, Education policy, Standards, Assessments
Find It From Planning to Implementation: An Examination of Changes in the Research Design, Sample Size, and Precision of Group Randomized Trials Launched by the Institute of Education Sciences
JREE 2013: 6(4). Pages 396-420.
Authors: Jessaca Spybrook, Anne Cullen Puente, Monica Lininger
Keywords: Randomized trial, Experimental design, Statistical power, Precision
Find It The Effect of Teacher-Family Communication on Student Engagement: Evidence From a Randomized Field Experiment
JREE 2013: 6(3). Pages 199-222.
Authors: Matthew A. Kraft, Shaun M. Dougherty
Keywords: Teacher-parent communication, Student engagement, Phone calls, Randomized trial, Experiment
Find It How Vocabulary Interventions Affect Young Chidren at Risk: A Meta-Analytic Review
JREE 2013: 6(3). Pages 223-262.
Authors: Loren Marie Marulis, Susan B. Neuman
Keywords: Meta-analysis, Multivariate meta-regression, Oral word learning, Vocabulary, Cumulative risk, Poverty, Early childhood
Find It Statistical Power for School-Based RCTs With Binary Outcomes
JREE 2013: 6(3). Pages 263-294.
Author: Peter Z. Schochet
Keywords: Statistical power, Binary outcomes, Clustered designs, Randomized control trials, Design of experiments, Impact evaluations
Find It Jumping at the Chance: The Effects of Accountability Incentives on Student Achievement
JREE 2013: 6(2). Pages 93-113.
Author: Douglas Lee Lauen
Keywords: Accountability, Incentives, Regression discontinuity, Bonuses, Achievement, Evaluation
Find It Effectiveness of Schema-Based Instruction for Improving Seventh-Grade Students' Proportional Reasoning: A Randomized Experiment
JREE 2013: 6(2). Pages 114-136.
Authors: Asha K. Jitendra, Jon R. Star, Danielle N. Dupuis, Michael C. Rodriguez
Keywords: Word problem solving, Ratio, Proportion and percent, Middle school students, Schema-based instruction
Find It Collaborative Strategic Reading: Findings From Experienced Implementers
JREE 2013: 6(2). Pages 137-163.
Authors: Sharon Vaughn, Greg Roberts, Janette K. Klingner, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Alison Boardman, Stephanie J. Stillman-Spisak, Sarojani S. Mohammed, Audrey J. Leroux
Keywords: Reading, Comprehension, Fidelity, Cooperative, Collaboration
Find It What Can We Learn About Effective Early Mathematics Teaching? A Framework for Estimating Causal Effects Using Longitudinal Survey Data
JREE 2013: 6(2). Pages 164-198.
Authors: Cassandra Guarino, Steven G. Dieterle, Anna E. Bargagliotti, William M. Mason
Keywords: Teacher effectiveness, Student achievement, Mathematics, Teaching
Find It Replicating the Impact of a Supplemental Beginning Reading Intervention: The Role of Instructional Context
JREE 2013: 6(1). Pages 1-23.
Authors: Michael D. Coyne, Mary Little, D'Ann Rawlinson, Deborah Simmons, Oi-man Kwok, Minjun Kim, Leslie Simmons, Shanna Hagan-Burke, Christina Civetelli
Keywords: Beginning reading, Replication study, Kindergarten students, Experimental research, Supplemental intervention
Find It Power Up!: A Tool for Calculating Minimum Detectable Effect Sizes and Minimum Required Sample Sizes for Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design Studies
JREE 2013: 6(1). Pages 24-67.
Authors: Nianbo Dong, Rebecca Maynard
Keywords: Power analysis, Minimum detectable effect size, Multilevel experimental, Quasi-experimental designs
Find It Longitudinal Pathways From Math Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement to Math Course Accompishments and Educational Attainment
JREE 2013: 6(1). Pages 68-92.
Authors: Adele Eskeles Gottfried, George A. Marcoulides, Allen W. Gottfried, Pamela H. Oliver
Keywords: Math intrinsic motivation, Math achievement, Math course accomplishments, Educational attainment, Longitudinal pathways
Find It Effectiveness of Four Supplemental Reading Comprehension Interventions
JREE 2012: 5(4). Pages 345-383.
Authors: Susanne James-Burdumy, John Deke, Russell Gersten, Julieta Lugo-Gil, Rebecca Newman-Gonchar, Joseph Dimino, Kelly Haymond, Albert Yung-Hsu Liu
Keywords: Randomized control trial, Reading comprehension, Reading curricula, Impacts, Evaluation, Low-income students
Find It Interpreting School Choice Effects: Do Voucher Experiments Estimate the Impact of Attending Private School?
JREE 2012: 5(4). Pages 384-400.
Author: Joshua M. Cowen
Keywords: School vouchers, Experiments, Educational policy
Find It Prenotification, Incentives, and Survey Modality: An Experimental Test of Methods to Increase Survey Response Rates of School Principals
JREE 2012: 5(4). Pages 401-418.
Authors: Robin Tepper Jacob, Brian Jacob
Keywords: Survey methods, Response rates, Web surveys, School principals
Find It Editorial Comments
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 213-214.
Author: Guanglei Hong
Find It Principal Stratification as a Framework for Investigating Mediational Processes in Experimental Settings
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 215-244.
Author: Lindsay C. Page
Keywords: Mediation, Principal stratification, Career academies
Find It Comments: Should Principal Stratification Be Used to Study Mediational Processes?
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 245-249.
Author: Tyler J. VanderWeele
Find It Comments: Causal Interpretations of Mediation Effects
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 250-253.
Authors: Booil Jo, Elizabeth A. Stuart
Find It Comments
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 254-257.
Author: Jennifer Hill
Find It Rejoinder
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 258-260.
Author: Lindsay C. Page
Find It Weighting Methods for Assessing Policy Effects Mediated by Peer Change
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 261-289.
Authors: Guanglei Hong, Takako Nomi
Keywords: Causal inference, Causal mechanism, Direct effect, Indirect effect, Marginal mean weighting through stratification, Potential outcomes, Propensity score, Prognostic score, Ratio-of-mediator-probability weighting
Find It Comments
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 290-292.
Authors: Michael E. Sobel, Elizabeth A. Stuart
Find It Comments: Improving Weighting Methods for Causal Mediation Analysis
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 293-295.
Author: Kosuke Imai
Find It Comments: Using Design Elements for Increasing the Severity of Causal Mediation Tests
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 296-298.
Author: Peter M. Steiner
Find It Rejoinder
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 299-302.
Authors: Guanglei Hong, Takako Nomi
Find It Statistical Analysis for Multisite Trials Using Instrumental Variables With Random Coefficients
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 303-332.
Authors: Stephen W. Raudenbush, Sean F. Reardon, Takako Nomi
Keywords: Instrumental variables, Multi-site trials, Causal inference, Multilevel analysis, High school curricular reform
Find It Comments: Statistical Analysis for Multisite Trials
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 333-335.
Author: Howard S. Bloom
Find It Comments
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 336-337.
Author: Derek Neal
Find It Comments
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 338-341.
Author: Michael H. Seltzer
Find It Rejoinder: Probing Assumptions, Enriching Analysis
JREE 2012: 5(3). Pages 342-344.
Authors: Stephen W. Raudenbush, Sean F. Reardon, Takako Nomi
Find It Longitudinal Evaluation of a Scale-Up Model for Teaching Mathematics With Trajectories and Technologies
JREE 2012: 5(2). Pages 105-135.
Authors: Julie Sarama, Douglas H. Clements, Christopher B. Wolfe, Mary Elaine Spitler
Keywords: Mathematics, Scale up, Early childhood, Learning trajectories, Longitudinal
Find It Expanding the Start of the College Pipeline: Ninth-Grade Findings From an Experimental Study of the Impact of the Early College High School Model
JREE 2012: 5(2). Pages 136-159.
Authors: Julie A. Edmunds, Lawrence Bernstein, Fatih Unlu, Elizabeth Glennie, John Willse, Arthur Smith, Nina Arshavsky
Keywords: High schools, Experimental design, College readiness
Find It Effects of a Supplemental Vocabulary Program on Word Knowledge and Passage Comprehension
JREE 2012: 5(2). Pages 160-188.
Authors: Helen Apthorp, Bruce Randel, Trudy Cherasaro, Tedra Clark, Margaret McKeown, Isabel Beck
Keywords: Vocabulary, Elementary school, Intervention, Efficacy
Find It Why We (Usually) Don't Have to Worry About Multiple Comparisons
JREE 2012: 5(2). Pages 189-211.
Authors: Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill, Masanao Yajima
Keywords: Bayesian inference, Hierarchical modeling, Multiple comparisons, Type S error, Statistical significance
Find It Stemming the Tide of Summer Melt: An Experimental Study of the Effects of Post-High School Summer Intervention on Low-Income Students' College Enrollment
JREE 2012: 5(1). Pages 1-17.
Authors: Benjamin L. Castleman, Karen Arnold, Katherine Lynk Wartman
Keywords: Summer melt, College access, College counseling, Experimental evaluation
Find It Does NCLB Improve the Achievement of Students With Disabilities? A Regression Discontinuity Design
JREE 2012: 5(1). Pages 18-42.
Author: Xin Wei
Keywords: NCLB, Minimum subgroup size, Students with disabilities, Academic achievement, Regression discontinuity design
Find It Modern Regression Discontinuity Analysis
JREE 2012: 5(1). Pages 43-82.
Author: Howard S. Bloom
Keywords: Regression discontinuity designs, Program impacts, Sample design
Find It Regression Discontinuity Designs With Multiple Rating-Score Variables
JREE 2012: 5(1). Pages 83-104.
Authors: Sean F. Reardon, Joseph P. Robinson
Keywords: Causal inference, Regression discontinuity design, Multiple rating score variables
Find It Teachers' Knowledge About Early Reading: Effects on Students' Gains in Reading Achievement
JREE 2011: 4(4). Pages 289-321.
Authors: Joanne F. Carlisle, Ben Kelcey, Brian Rowan, Geoffrey Phelps
Keywords: Teachers' knowledge, Early reading, Student achievement
Find It Self-Regulated Strategy Development at Tier 2 for Second-Grade Students With Writing and Behavioral Difficulties: A Randomized Controlled Trial
JREE 2011: 4(4). Pages 322-353.
Authors: Kathleen Lynne Lane, Karen Harris, Steve Graham, Steven Driscoll, Karin Sandmel, Paul Morphy, Michael Hebert, Emily House, Christopher Schatschneider
Keywords: Three-tiered models of prevention, Writing, Behavior, Self-regulated strategies development, Emotional or behavioral disorders
Find It A More Powerful Test in Three-Level Cluster Randomized Designs
JREE 2011: 4(4). Pages 354-369.
Author: Spyros Konstantopoulos
Keywords: Statistical power, Three-level designs, Randomized experiments
Find It Measures Inherent to Treatments in Program Effectiveness Reviews
JREE 2011: 4(4). Pages 370-380.
Authors: Robert Slavin, Nancy A. Madden
Keywords: Measures, Treatments, Education
Find It Effective Classroom Instruction: Implications of Child Characteristics by Reading Instruction Interactions on First Graders' Word Reading Achievement
JREE 2011: 4(3). Pages 173-207.
Authors: Carol McDonald Connor, Frederick J. Morrison, Christopher Schatschneider, Jessica R. Toste, Erin Lundblom, Elizabeth C. Crowe, Barry Fishman
Keywords: Literacy, Classroom instruction, Reading, Differentiated instruction
Find It An Experimental Study of Scheduling and Duration of "Tier 2" First-Grade Reading Intervention
JREE 2011: 4(3). Pages 208-230.
Authors: Carolyn A. Denton, Paul T. Cirino, Amy E. Barth, Melissa Romain, Sharon Vaughn, Jade Wexler, David J. Francis, Jack M. Fletcher
Keywords: Reading intervention, First grade, Duration, Massed and distributed practice
Find It A Randomized Experiment of a Cognitive Strategies Approach to Text-Based Analytical Writing for Mainstreamed Latino English Language Learners in Grades 6 to 12
JREE 2011: 4(3). Pages 231-263.
Authors: James S. Kim, Carol Booth Olson, Robin Scarcella, Jason Kramer, Matthew Pearson, David van Dyk, Penny Collins, Robert E. Land
Keywords: Adolescent literacy, Secondary English language arts instruction, Process writing, Strategy instruction, Teacher professional development, Multi-site cluster randomized controlled trials
Find It Assessing Effects of Schooling With Cross-Sectional Data: Between-Grades Differences Addressed as a Selection-Bias Problem
JREE 2011: 4(3). Pages 264-288.
Authors: Hans Luyten, Bernard Veldkamp
Keywords: Educational effectiveness, Fuzzy regression-discontinuity, Selection-bias, Effect size, International comparisons
Find It A Public Health Approach to Improving the Lives of Adult Learners: Introduction to the Special Issue on Adult Literacy Interventions
JREE 2011: 4(2). Pages 87-100.
Authors: Brett Miller, Layla Esposito, Peggy McCardle
Keywords: Adult literacy, Adult basic education, Intervention, Public health, Education
Find It A Randomized Control Study of Instructional Approaches for Struggling Adult Readers
JREE 2011: 4(2). Pages 101-117.
Authors: Daphne Greenberg, Justin C. Wise, Robin Morris, Laura D. Fredrick, Victoria Rodrigo, Alice O. Nanda, Hye K. Pae
Keywords: Adult literacy, Adult basic education, Instructional effectiveness
Find It Relative Effectiveness of Reading Intervention Programs for Adults With Low Literacy
JREE 2011: 4(2). Pages 118-133.
Authors: John P. Sabatini, Jane Shore, Steven Holtzman, Hollis S. Scarborough
Keywords: Adult literacy, Reading intervention programs, Decoding, Reading fluency, Reading assessments
Find It Efficacy of Learning Strategies Instruction in Adult Education
JREE 2011: 4(2). Pages 134-153.
Authors: Michael F. Hock, Daryl F. Mellard
Keywords: Adult literacy, Strategic instruction, Learning strategies
Find It Effects of a Structured Decoding Curriculum on Adult Literacy Learners' Reading Development
JREE 2011: 4(2). Pages 154-172.
Authors: Judith A. Alamprese, Charles A. MacArthur, Cristofer Price, Deborah Knight
Keywords: Adult literacy, Reading instruction, Adult education, Evaluation
Find It Problem Implementation as a Lever for Change: An Experimental Study of the Effects of a Professional Development Program on Students' Mathematics Learning
JREE 2011: 4(1). Pages 1-24.
Authors: Rossella Santagata, Nicole Kersting, Karen B. Givvin, James W. Stigler
Keywords: Teacher professional development, Middle school, Mathematics, Student learning, Video, Teacher content knowledge, Experimental design
Find It Developing Low-Income Preschoolers' Social Studies and Science Vocabulary Knowledge Through Content-Focused Shared Book Reading
JREE 2011: 4(1). Pages 25-52.
Authors: Jorge E. Gonzalez, Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola, Deborah C. Simmons, Aaron B. Taylor, Matthew J. Davis, Minjun Kim, Leslie Simmons
Keywords: Shared book reading, Vocabulary, Preschool
Find It Evaluating the Effectiveness of Read Well Kindergarten
JREE 2011: 4(1). Pages 53-86.
Authors: Barbara Gunn, Keith Smolkowski, Patricia Vadasy
Keywords: Reading, Kindergarten, Curriculum, Randomized trial
Find It Factors Contributing to Teachers' Sustained Use of Kindergarten Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies
JREE 2010: 3(4). Pages 315-342.
Authors: Devin M. Kearns, Douglas Fuchs, Kristen L. McMaster, Laura Saenz, Lynn S. Fuchs, Loulee Yen, Coby Meyers, Marc Stein, Donald Compton, Mark Berends, Thomas M. Smith
Keywords: Sustainability, Evidence-based practice, Education policy, Scientifically based research
Find It Impact of Professional Development on Preschool Teachers' Print References During Shared Read Alouds: A Latent Growth Curve Analysis
JREE 2010: 3(4). Pages 343-380.
Authors: Shayne B. Piasta, Jaclyn M. Dynia, Laura M. Justice, Jill M. Pentimonti, Joan N. Kaderavek, Christopher Schatschneider
Keywords: Professional development, Preschool, Intervention, Emergent literacy, Print knowledge, Shared reading
Find It The Implications of Teacher Selection and the Teacher Effect in Individually Randomized Group Treatment Trials
JREE 2010: 3(4). Pages 381-405.
Author: Michael J. Weiss
Keywords: Experimental design, Causal inference, Teacher effects, Individually Randomized Group Treatment (IRGT)
Find It An Experimental Evaluation of Four Elementary School Math Curricula
JREE 2010: 3(3). Pages 199-253.
Authors: Roberto Agodini, Barbara Harris
Keywords: Evaluation, Randomized controlled trial, Math curricula, Elementary school
Find It An Experiment to Evaluate the Efficacy of Cognitive Tutor Geometry
JREE 2010: 3(3). Pages 254-281.
Authors: John F. Pane, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Mary Ellen Slaughter, Jennifer L. Steele, Gina S. Ikemoto
Keywords: Randomized conrolled trial, Efficacy study, Education technology, Mathematics curriculum, Intelligent tutor
Find It Effects of Participation in After-School Programs for Middle School Students: A Randomized Trial
JREE 2010: 3(3). Pages 282-313.
Authors: Denise Gottfredson, Amanda Brown Cross, Denise Wilson, Melissa Rorie, Nadine Connell
Keywords: After-school programs, Randomized trial, Middle school
Find It Direct and Extended Vocabulary Instruction in Kindergarten: Investigating Transfer Effects
JREE 2010: 3(2). Pages 93-120.
Authors: Michael D. Coyne, Betsy McCoach, Susan Loftus, Richard Zipoli Jr., Maureen Ruby, Yvel C. Crevecoeyr, Sharon Kapp
Keywords: Vocabulary instruction, Kindergarten students, Listening comprehension, Storybook reading
Find It A Comparison of Multiple-Strategy Methods: Effects on Fourth-Grade Students' General and Content-Specific Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development
JREE 2010: 3(2). Pages 121-156.
Authors: Deborah Simmons, Angela Hairrell, Meaghan Edmonds, Sharon Vaughn, Ross Larsen, Victor Willson, William Rupley, Glenda Byrns
Keywords: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Content-area text, Strategy instruction, Social studies comprehension
Find It New Empirical Evidence for the Design of Group Randomized Trials in Education
JREE 2010: 3(2). Pages 157-198.
Authors: Robin Jacob, Pei Zhu, Howard Bloom
Keywords: Intraclass correlations, Study design, Group randomized trials
Find It The Efficacy of Supplemental Early Literacy Instruction by Community-Based Tutors for Preschoolers Enrolled in Head Start
JREE 2009: 3(1). Pages 1-25.
Authors: J. Ron Nelson, Elizabeth A. Sanders, Jorge Gonzalez
Keywords: Phonological awareness, Reading, Emergent literacy, Preschool, Head Start, Multilevel modeling, Randomized trial
Find It Impact of a Social-Emotional and Character Development Program on School-Level Indicators of Academic Achievement, Absenteeism, and Disciplinary Outcomes: A Matched-Pair, Cluster-Randomized, Controlled Trial
JREE 2009: 3(1). Pages 26-55.
Authors: Frank Snyder, Samuel Vuchinich, Alan Acock, Isaac Washburn, Michael Beets, Kin-Kit Li
Keywords: Randomized experiment, Matched-pair, Academic, Achievement, Discipline, Social and character development
Find It The Effects of Within-Class Ability Grouping on Academic Achievement in Early Elementary Years
JREE 2009: 3(1). Pages 56-92.
Author: Takako Nomi
Keywords: Reading ability grouping, Early elementary grades, Propensity score method
Find It Effective Practices for English Language Learners in the Middle Grades: Introduction to the Special Issue of Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
JREE 2009: 2(4). Pages 289-296.
Authors: David J. Francis, Sharon Vaughn
Keywords: English language learners, Instructional interventions, Middle school students, Randomized trials in school settings
Find It Enhancing Social Studies Vocabulary and Comprehension for Seventh-Grade English Language Learners: Findings From Two Experimental Studies
JREE 2009: 2(4). Pages 297-324.
Authors: Sharon Vaughn, Leticia R. Martinez, Sylvia Linan-Thompson, Colleen K. Reutebuch, Coleen D. Carlson, David J. Francis
Keywords: Adolescent English language learners, Middle school, Academic language development, Vocabulary and content knowledge, Social studies instruction
Find It Generating Knowledge of Academic Language Among Urban Middle School Students
JREE 2009: 2(4). Pages 325-344.
Authors: Catherine E. Snow, Joshua F. Lawrence, Claire White
Keywords: Vocabulary, Academic language, Discussion, Reading comprehension, Language minority students
Find It The Impact of an Instructional Intervention on the Science and Language Learning of Middle Grade English Language Learners
JREE 2009: 2(4). Pages 345-376.
Authors: Diane August, Lee Branum-Martin, Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, David J. Francis
Keywords: English language learners, Science instruction,
Find It A Randomized Trial Study of a Preschool Literacy Curriculum: The Importance of Implementation
JREE 2009: 2(3). Pages 177-208.
Authors: Marcia R. Davidson, Matthew K. Fields, Jiaxiu Yang
Keywords: Early literacy, Preschool curriculum, Phonological awareness, Curriculum fidelity
Find It Professional Development for K-12 Math and Science Teachers: What Do We Really Know?
JREE 2009: 2(3). Pages 209-249.
Authors: Lauren Scher, Fran O'Reilly
Keywords: Professional development, Math and science, Meta-analysis
Find It Inattention and Response to the ABRACADABRA Web-Based Literacy Intervention
JREE 2009: 2(3). Pages 250-286.
Authors: Louise Deault, Robert Savage, Philip Abrami
Keywords: Attention, Reading skills, Computer-assisted instruction, Literacy programs, Reading development, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Find It Erratum
JREE 2009: 2(3). Pages 287-287.
Find It "Double-Dose" Algebra as an Alternative Strategy to Remediation: Effects on Students' Academic Outcomes
JREE 2009: 2(2). Pages 111-148.
Authors: Takako Nomi, Elaine Allensworth
Keywords: 9th-grade algebra, Curriculum reform, Ability grouping, Quasi-experimental designs
Find It Exploring the Relative Effectiveness of Reading Interventions for High School Students
JREE 2009: 2(2). Pages 149-175.
Authors: Laura Lang, Joseph Torgesen, William Vogel, Carol Chanter, Evan Lefsky, Yaacov Petscher
Keywords: High school reading interventions, Randomized experiment, Adolescent literacy
Find It The Impact of Vocabulary Instruction on Passage-Level Comprehension of School-Age Children: A Meta-Analysis
JREE 2009: 2(1). Pages 1-44.
Authors: Amy M. Elleman, Endia J. Lindo, Paul Morphy, Donald L. Compton
Keywords: Vocabulary, Reading comprehension, Meta-analysis, Instruction, Reading difficulties
Find It The Effect of Catholic Schooling on Math and Reading Development in Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade
JREE 2009: 2(1). Pages 45-87.
Authors: Sean F. Reardon, Jacob E. Cheadle, Joseph P. Robinson
Keywords: Catholic schools, Achievement, Propensity score matching
Find It Moving From the Lab to the Field: The Role of Fidelity and Achieved Relative Intervention Strength
JREE 2009: 2(1). Pages 88-110.
Authors: Chris S. Hulleman, David S. Cordray
Keywords: Treatment fidelity, Intervention strength, Treatment effectiveness, Multilevel modeling, Student motivation
Find It A Randomized Trial of Teacher Development in Elementary Science: First-Year Achievement Effects
JREE 2008: 1(4). Pages 237-264.
Authors: Geoffrey D. Borman, Adam Gamoran, Jill Bowdon
Keywords: Randomized experiment, Science intervention, Teacher professional development, Inquiry-based pedagogy
Find It The Power of the Test for Treatment Effects in Three-Level Block Randomized Designs
JREE 2008: 1(4). Pages 265-288.
Author: Spyros Konstantopoulos
Keywords: Nested designs, Statistical power, Experiments, Treatment effects, Random effects
Find It Performance Trajectories and Performance Gaps as Achievement Effect-Size Benchmarks for Educational Interventions
JREE 2008: 1(4). Pages 289-328.
Authors: Howard S. Bloom, Carolyn J. Hill, Alison Rebeck Black, Mark W. Lipsey
Keywords: Effect size, Student performance, Educational evaluation
Find It Effects of a Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention: A Randomized Experiment
JREE 2008: 1(3). Pages 155-178.
Authors: Alice Klein, Prentice Starkey, Douglas Clements, Julie Sarama, Roopa Iyer
Keywords: Preschool, Mathematics intervention, Economically disadvantaged, Randomized experiment, School readiness
Find It Long-Term Follow-Up of Spanish and English Interventions for First-Grade English Language Learners at Risk for Reading Problems
JREE 2008: 1(3). Pages 179-214.
Authors: Sharon Vaughn, Paul T. Cirino, Tammy Tolar, Jack M. Fletcher, Elsa Cardenas-Hagan, Coleen Carlson, David J. Francis
Keywords: English language learners, Reading intervention,
Find It Are Power Analyses Reported With Adequate Detail? Evidence From the First Wave of Group Randomized Trials Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences
JREE 2008: 1(3). Pages 215-235.
Author: Jessaca Spybrook
Keywords: Group randomized trials, Statistical power, Experimental design
Find It Scaling Up the Implementation of a Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum: Teaching for Understanding with Trajectories and Technologies
JREE 2008: 1(2). Pages 89-119.
Authors: Julie Sarama, Douglas H. Clements, Prentice Starkey, Alice Klein, Ann Wakeley
Keywords: Preschool, Mathematics, Scale-up, Randomized, Curriculum
Find It Computer-Assisted Tutoring in Success for All: Reading Outcomes for First Graders
JREE 2008: 1(2). Pages 120-137.
Authors: Bette Chambers, Philip Abrami, Bradley Tucker, Robert E. Slavin, Nancy A. Madden, Alan Cheung, Richard Gifford
Keywords: Reading, Computer-assisted instruction,
Find It Statistical Inference When Classroom Quality is Measured with Error
JREE 2008: 1(2). Pages 138-154.
Authors: Stephen W. Raudenbush, Sally Sadoff
Keywords: Group-randomized experiments, Hierarchical linear models, Errors in variables
Find It Editors' Comment
JREE 2008: 1(1). Pages 1-1.
Authors: Barbara R. Foorman, Larry V. Hedges
Find It Remediating Computational Deficits at Third Grade: A Randomized Field Trial
JREE 2008: 1(1). Pages 2-32.
Authors: Lynn Fuchs, Sarah Powell, Carol Hamlett, Douglas Fuchs, Paul Cirino, Jack Fletcher
Keywords: Mathematics difficulty, Remediation, Computation
Find It Do Learning Communities Effect Acadmic Outcomes? Evidence From an Experiment in a Community College
JREE 2008: 1(1). Pages 33-65.
Authors: Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Mary G. Visher, Dan Bloom
Keywords: Learning communities, Community college, Randomized experiment, Developmental English
Find It The Power of the Test for Treatment Effects in Three-Level Cluster Randomized Designs
JREE 2008: 1(1). Pages 66-88.
Author: Spyros Konstantopoulos
Keywords: Nested designs, Statistical power, Experiments, Treatment effects, Random effects
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