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Find It Mitigating Illusory Results through Preregistration in Education
Posted Online: 2017-12-27.
Authors: Hunter Gehlbach, Carly D. Robinson
Keywords: Educational research, P-hacking, Preregistration, Replication, Research methods
Find It The Causal Effects of Grade Retention on Behavioral Outcomes
Posted Online: 2017-12-27.
Authors: Paco Martorell, Louis T. Mariano
Keywords: Student retention, Regression discontinuity, Behavioral outcomes, Suspensions, Attendance
Find It Bounding, an accessible method for estimating principal causal effects, examined and explained
Posted Online: 2017-12-05.
Authors: Luke Miratrix, Jane Furey, Avi Feller, Todd Grindal, Lindsay C. Page
Keywords: Principal stratification, Manski bounds, Early College High Schools, Multi-site randomized trials, Non-compliance
Find It Examining the Effects and Feasibility of a Teacher-Implemented Tier 1 and Tier 2 Intervention in Word Reading, Fluency, and Comprehension
Posted Online: 2017-11-29.
Authors: Emily J. Solari, Carolyn A. Denton, Yaacov Petscher, Christa Haring
Keywords: Elementary, Intervention, Reading curriculum
Find It Between-School Variation in Students' Achievement, Motivation, Affect, and Learning Strategies: Results from 81 Countries for Planning Group-Randomized Trials in Education
Posted Online: 2017-11-29.
Authors: Martin Brunner, Ulrich Keller, Marina Wenger, Antoine Fischbach, Oliver Lüdtke
Keywords: Student achievement, Motivation, Affect, Learning styles, Intraclass correlation, Large-scale assessment, Multilevel models, Design parameters
Find It Challenges in Building Usable Knowledge in Education
Posted Online: 2017-11-29.
Author: Larry V. Hedges
Keywords: External validity, Generalizability, MOST trials, Replication
Find It The Impact of Speedometry on Student Knowledge, Interest, and Emotions
Posted Online: 2017-10-13.
Authors: Morgan Polikoff, Q. Tien Le, Robert W. Danielson, Gale M. Sinatra, Julie A. Marsh
Keywords: Science, Learning, Emotions, Curriculum, Intervention
Find It Findings From a Multiyear Scale-Up Effectiveness Trial of Open Court Reading
Posted Online: 2017-06-30.
Authors: Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Geoffrey Borman, Sarah Caverly, Nance Bell, Kate Sullivan, Veronica Ruiz de Castilla, Grace Fleming, Debra Rodriguez, Chad Henry, Tracy Long, Debra Hughes Jones
Keywords: Open Court Reading (OCR), Reading performance, Reading curriculum, Cluster randomized trial
Find It Statistical Power in Evaluations That Investigate Effects on Multiple Outcomes: A Guide for Researchers
Posted Online: 2017-06-19.
Author: Kristin E. Porter
Keywords: Statistical power, Multiple hypothesis testing, Multiple testing procedures
Find It Does Fidelity of Implementation Account for Changes in Teacher–Child Interactions in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Banking Time?
Posted Online: 2017-05-16.
Authors: Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, Amanda Williford, Jessica Whittaker, Jamie DeCoster, Pilar Alamos
Keywords: Preschool, Randomized trial, Teacher-child relationships, Fidelity of implementation
Find It The Impact of Teacher Study Groups in Vocabulary on Teaching Practice, Teacher Knowledge, and Student Vocabulary Knowledge: A Large-Scale Replication Study
Posted Online: 2017-05-09.
Authors: Madhavi Jayanthi, Joseph Dimino, Russell Gersten, Mary Jo Taylor, Kelly Haymond, Keith Smolkowski, Rebecca Newman-Gonchar
Keywords: RCT, Teacher study groups, Vocabulary, Professional development
Find It Efficacy of the Check & Connect Mentoring Program for At-Risk General Education High School Students
Posted Online: 2017-04-18.
Authors: Jessica B. Heppen, Kristina Zeiser, Deborah J. Holtzman, Mindee O'Cummings, Sandra Christenson, Angie Pohl
Keywords: Dropout prevention, Efficacy trials, At-risk students, Mentoring
Forthcoming Even More Challenges in Building Usable Knowledge in Education
Author: Judith D. Singer
Keywords: Methodology, Big data, Research funding, Institute of Education Sciences, Administrative data
Forthcoming Effectiveness of a “Grass Roots” Statewide Enrichment Program for Gifted Elementary School Children
Authors: Jessika Golle, Ingo Zettler, Norman Rose, Ulrich Trautwein, Marcus Hasselhorn, Benjamin Nagengast
Forthcoming Focusing on the Whole Student: An Evaluation of Massachusetts' Wraparound Zone Initiative
Authors: Allison Gruner Gandhi, Rachel Slama, So Jung Park, Patrick Russo, Kendra Winner, Robin Bzura, Wehmah Jones, Sandra Williamson
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