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Find It Reducing Inequality in Academic Success for Incoming College Students: A Randomized Trial of Growth Mindset and Belonging Interventions
Posted Online: 2018-04-09.
Authors: Michael Broda, John Yun, Barbara Schneider, David S. Yeager, Gregory M. Walton, Matthew Diemer
Keywords: Light-touch intervention, Growth mindset, Social belonging, Postsecondary education
Find It Do High-Quality Kindergarten and First-Grade Classrooms Mitigate Preschool Fadeout?
Posted Online: 2018-03-29.
Authors: Jade Marcus Jenkins, Tyler W. Watts, Katherine Magnuson, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama, Greg J. Duncan
Keywords: Head Start, Preschool, Fadeout, Early childhood education, Classroom quality
Find It Youth Participatory Action Research in the High School Curriculum: Education Outcomes for Student Participants in a District-Wide Initiative
Posted Online: 2018-03-14.
Authors: Adam Voight, Valerie Velez
Keywords: Action research, Youth development, Social context, Student voice
Find It Effectiveness of a “Grass Roots” Statewide Enrichment Program for Gifted Elementary School Children
Posted Online: 2018-01-26.
Authors: Jessika Golle, Ingo Zettler, Norman Rose, Ulrich Trautwein, Marcus Hasselhorn, Benjamin Nagengast
Keywords: Enrichment program, Giftedness, Effectiveness, Propensity score analysis
Find It Between-School Variation in Students' Achievement, Motivation, Affect, and Learning Strategies: Results from 81 Countries for Planning Group-Randomized Trials in Education
Posted Online: 2017-11-29.
Authors: Martin Brunner, Ulrich Keller, Marina Wenger, Antoine Fischbach, Oliver Lüdtke
Keywords: Student achievement, Motivation, Affect, Learning styles, Intraclass correlation, Large-scale assessment, Multilevel models, Design parameters
Forthcoming Does Quantity Affect Quality? Teachers’ Course Preparations and Effectiveness
Authors: Kevin C. Bastian, Ludmila Janda
Keywords: Teacher effectiveness, Teacher assignments, Course preparations
Forthcoming Evaluating Paraeducator-led Reading Interventions in Elementary School: A Multi-Cutoff Regression-Discontinuity Analysis
Authors: Eli Jones, Ross Larsen, Richard R. Sudweeks, K. Richard Young, Gordon S. Gibb
Keywords: Reading interventions, Regression discontinuity, Computer-assisted instruction, Direct instruction, Paraeducators
Forthcoming Intervening with Struggling Readers in Seventh Grade: Impact Evidence from Six School Districts
Authors: Scott K. Baker, Nancy J. Nelson, Mike Stoolmiller, Patrick Kennedy Paine, Jessica Turtura, Deanne Crone, Hank Fien
Keywords: Intervention, Struggling readers, Impact, Regression discontinuity design
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