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Workshop/Short Course Title


General The Stanford Education Data Archive: Using Big Data to Study Academic Performance
2018 Spring
General Practical Measurement in Improvement Science 2018 Spring
Impact Estimation New Weighting Methods for Causal Mediation Analysis 2017 Spring
Impact Estimation Endogenous Subgroup Analysis Using ASPES 2017 Spring
Research Toolkit The Stanford Education Data Archive: Using Big Data to Study Academic Performance 2017 Spring
Research Toolkit Implementation Research in RCT Evaluations 2017 Spring
Research Toolkit Cost Analysis for Evaluation in Education 2017 Spring
Impact Estimation Principal Stratification: Introduction and Tools for Analysis 2017 Spring
Impact Estimation Hierarchical Linear Models 2016 HLM
Research Toolkit Cost Analysis for Evaluation in Education 2016 Spring
Research Toolkit From Journal Author to Policy Influencer: Strategies for Making Your Research Speak to Policymakers (and Those Who Influence Them)

2016 Spring

Impact Estimation Introduction to "The Generalizer": A New Webtool for Improving Generalizations from Experiments 2016 Spring
Impact Estimation Principal Stratification: A Tool for Understanding Causal Impacts on Latent Groups 2015 Spring
Research Toolkit A Practitioner's Guide to Growth Models 2015 Spring
Impact Estimation Analytic Methods for Understanding Why, How, and for Whom an Intervention Works 2015 Spring
Impact Estimation Using TWANG to Estimate Propensity Score Weights 2015 Spring
Research Toolkit Innovations in Prevention and Implementation Science: Implications for Improvement in Schools 2014 Fall
Research Toolkit Introduction to Improvement Science 2014 Fall
Research Toolkit Using Research and Local Expertise to Improve Teacher Evaluation Systems 2014 Fall
Impact Estimation Intervention Fidelity: Models, Methods, and Applications 2014 Fall
Impact Estimation Value-Added Models 2014 VA
Impact Estimation Mix and Match: Benefits of Mixed Methods Approaches in Education Research 2014 Spring
Measurement Item Response Theory and the Fragility of Educational Test Score Scales 2014 Spring
Research Toolkit What's All the Buzz About Bayes?: An Overview of Bayesian Methods for Education Science 2014 Spring
Impact Variation Using Cross-Site Variation in Program Effects to Study What Works for Whom, Under What Conditions, and Why 2014 Spring
Impact Estimation Intervention Fidelity: Models, Methods, and Applications 2013 Fall
Measurement Test Score Scales and Why They Matter: Practical Methods for Assessing the Scale-Dependence of Analytic Results 2013 Spring
Impact Estimation Improving the Empirical Performance of Propensity Score Methods: Covariate Balancing Propensity Score 2013 Spring
Impact Estimation Planning for a Short Interrupted Time Series Design 2013 Spring
Research Toolkit Developing Research-Practice Partnerships That Impact School Improvement: Lessons from the Consortium on Chicago School Research 2012 Fall
Measurement Application of Generalizability Theory to Observational Measures of Classroom-Level Outcomes 2012 Fall
Impact Estimation Quantile Regression: Moving Beyond Mean Impacts 2012 Spring
Impact Variation Unpacking the Black Box of Causality: The Latest Developments in Mediation Analysis 2012 Spring
Impact Estimation Applying Regression Discontinuity Designs to Measure Treatment Effects 2012 Spring
Impact Estimation Value-Added Models for Analyzing Teacher Effectiveness 2011 Fall
Impact Estimation Propensity Score Methods for Estimating Causal Effects: The Why, When, and How 2011 Fall
Measurement Constructing Measures: A Basis for IRT Models 2011 Fall
Impact Estimation Research Design 2011 Fall
Impact Estimation Using Modern Regression Discontinuity Analysis to Measure Effects of Educational Interventions 2011 Spring
Research Toolkit Missing Data: It's Everyone's Problem 2011 Spring
Impact Estimation Using Instrumental Variables in Education Research 2011 Spring
Research Synthesis Meta-Analysis of Intervention Research in Education 2011 Spring