Nominations for the SREE Board of Directors

The SREE Nominating Committee is looking for new members to join the Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2025. Candidates from the full range of workplaces relevant for education research (e.g., research firms, universities, think tanks, government, state and local education agencies) and a range of backgrounds, including individuals from under-represented populations, are encouraged to apply. Candidates should hold a PhD or Masters Degree, have a minimum of five years’ work experience, and have substantial prior engagement with SREE. This is an uncompensated volunteer position. Individuals may self-nominate or nominate another individual.

Given the current composition of the Board and SREE’s strategic plan, the nominating committee is particularly interested in candidates with experience in nonprofit finance, fundraising, familiarity with the evaluation community and evaluation methodologies, and expertise working with communities traditionally underrepresented in the education research field.

Why would you or someone you know want to be on the SREE Board? Being a part of the Board allows you to give back to the education research community, strengthen your network, and contribute to the future of SREE. By serving, you also will gain new skills in nonprofit leadership and program development.

What is the time commitment? The SREE Board is a working board that holds two day-long meetings (or the equivalent with a virtual meeting split over two days) as well as additional board meetings (1-2 hours per month) as needed. All Board members also serve on a Board committee that meets quarterly. The overall time commitment averages 3-4 hours per month. Individuals who are interested should be willing and able to attend these meetings and help guide SREE’s activities and programs in alignment with SREE’s strategic plan adopted in 2021.

Nominations are closed for the 2024 selection cycle

The SREE Nominating Committee will reach out to each nominee to confirm their interest and ask for additional information about their candidacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I apply if I am a junior scholar?

A: Yes!  SREE benefits from having a diverse board with members at different career stages and experiences.

 Q: Do Board Members attend the SREE conference for free?

A: No. Board members are encouraged to attend the conference, but the Society does not cover the cost of attendance. Board members are also expected to maintain their membership by paying their annual dues.

 Q: Does SREE cover the cost of attending in-person Board meetings?

A: Yes. SREE covers travel costs associated with attending in-person Board meetings.