Summer Fellow Research Findings

To date, twenty-three SREE students have participated in the SREE Summer Fellows Program, created in collaboration with Grantmakers for Education. The students spent the summer conducting a literature review on a topic selected by the funding organization, with the goal of providing information the organization can use to inform its philanthropic work. The executive summaries and additional work products are available here. 


2023 Projects

Institutional & System Efforts to Address Postsecondary Students' Basic Needs
Partner: Ascendium Education Group
Fellow:  Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe, Ohio University

 [Final Product Coming Soon]

Exploring Enrollment and Scheduling Models to Support Credit Momentum
Partner: Ascendium Education Group
Fellow:  Brittany Spinner, University of Oregon

Executive Summary

Research Findings Database: Synthesizing and Articulating Key Findings
Partner: The Wallace Foundation
Fellow:  Sheniqua Jeffrey, Fordham University

Executive Summary

The Use of Public Polling to Gauge Perceptions of Higher Education
Partner: EdFunders Lead Impact Group
Fellow:  Tetsuya Yamada, University of Pittsburgh                                                                                                                                                                

Literature Review (executive summary included), Slide Deck


2022 Projects


Emerging and Best Practice Strategies to Center Equity in Philanthropic Evaluation Practices
Partner: EdFunders LEAD Impact Group
Fellow:  Vianney Gavilanes, University of California, Berkeley

Practitioners Brief/Executive SummarySlide Deck

Use of University ReadPrainess Assessments
Partner: EdFunders LEAD Impact Group
Fellow:  Kaylee Matheny, Stanford University

Literature Review (executive summary included)

 From Data to Action: Exploring Best Practices in User-Centered Data Visualization and Design

Partner: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Fellow: Tianyi (Diana) Feng, Harvard University

Executive SummarySlide Deck

Community Efforts to Reach the Most Marginalized Youth Through OST Opportunities: A Review of the Literature

Partner: The Wallace Foundation
Fellow:  Rebecca Levine, University of California, San Diego

Executive Summary

Research Planning Grant: Ideal Learning Head Start Expansion

Partner: Trust for Learning
Fellow:  Yohimar Sivira Gonzalez, University of Louisville           

 Executive Summary


2021 Projects


Understanding Short Term Credentials
Partner: Ascendium
Fellow: Katrina Borowiec, Boston College

Executive Summary, Literature ReviewSlide Deck


Research Use and Uptake to Ensure Learners can Achieve Academic and Career Goals
Partner: Ascendium
Fellow: Claire Chuter, John Hopkins University

Executive Summary


Measuring Philanthropy's Role in Policy Change
Partner: Grantmakers for Education LEAD Impact Group
Fellow: Jeremy Martin, University of California - Berkeley

Executive Summary, Literature Review


Aligning Skills, Competency Frameworks, and Learning Outcomes

Partner: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
Fellow: Gabe Avakian Orona, University of California - Irvine

Executive SummarySlide Deck


Evaluating an Instructional Leadership Community of Practice
Partner: Chamberlin Education Foundation 
Fellow: Jason Saltmarsh, University of Maryland - College Park

Executive Summary


Work Based Learning Programs in Rural Communities for Adult Learners
Partner: Ascendium  
Fellow: Madeleine Yount, Boise State University

Executive SummaryLiterature Review



2020 Projects

Strategies to Support Adult Learners and Some College, No Degree Students “To and Through” a Postsecondary Credential
Partner: Ascendium
Fellow: Taylor Odle, University of Pennsylvania

Executive Summary, Literature Review, and Opportunities


College Readiness and Gender Equity
Partner: Grantmakers for Education LEAD Impact Group
Fellow: Jude Paul Matias Dizon, University of Southern California

Executive Summary
Technical Report
Appendix-National Program Scan-College Readiness and Gender Equity

Exploring the Grantmaker’s Role in Structuring Engagements Across Grantees: Peer Learning & Networks
Partner: Ascendium
Fellow: Rachel Williams, University of California - Berkeley

Executive Summary

Contemporary Labor Market Data in Postsecondary Contexts
Partners: Gates Foundation and Kresge Foundation
Fellow: Matthew Lenard, Harvard University

Technical Report (executive summary included)



2019 Projects

Philanthropy and Education Policy Advocacy
Partner: Grantmakers for Education Data Impact Group
Fellow: Heather McCambly, Northwestern University

Executive Summary
Technical Report

Competency Based Standards and the Workforce of the Future
Partner: Siegel Family Foundation
Fellow: Amanda Danks, North Carolina State University

Powerpoint Presentation
Literature Review

Bias and Inequity in School Systems
Partner: Oak Foundation
Fellow: Cyrell Roberson, University of California - Berkeley

Executive Summary
Powerpoint Presentation
Literature Review

Summer Melt
Partner: Ascendium
Fellow: Kate Caton, Georgia State University

Executive Summary
Powerpoint Presentation