The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness
2022-2024 Strategic Plan

The SREE Board held a Strategic Plan Town Hall on October 14, 2021.

Executive Summary PDF

SREE Mission

SREE is an interdisciplinary professional association dedicated to advancing the generation and use of effectiveness research to solve pressing challenges in education.

SREE Vision

The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness helps tackle pressing educational challenges by generating, synthesizing, and applying reliable evidence of program and policy effectiveness. Our membership association unites researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and organizations who seek to create and apply effectiveness research to achieve better, more equitable educational outcomes. Since the best solutions to challenging education issues require diverse perspectives and inclusion of multiple voices, our organization is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion.

We achieve our mission by:

• Fostering a diverse field of researchers
• Providing professional learning opportunities
• Advocating for the development and use of rigorous methods and research findings
• Convening educators, policymakers, researchers, and communities to share solutions


Elevate SREE’s position as a leader in the
development and use of rigorous research
methods and the application of evidence
to inform educational policy and practice

Build a more inclusive
and representative

Achieve financial


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