Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
Call for Editors
February 2022

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The Board of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) invites applications and nominations for corresponding editor for the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness (JREE), for a three-year term, 2023-2025.


About the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness 

The Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness (JREE) is the flagship publication of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE).  It publishes original articles from the multidisciplinary community of researchers who apply principles of scientific inquiry to understand the impacts of education policies, practices, and programs.  Articles published in JREE aim to advance knowledge of factors important for education success and/or improve the ability to conduct further disciplined studies. JREE welcomes manuscripts in the following categories: 

(1) Intervention, Evaluation, and Policy. These studies focus on process and implementation and estimate causal impacts on key educational outcomes.
(2) Theory, Contexts, and Mechanisms. Papers in this section further our field’s ability to conduct causal research in education. This includes meta-analyses and syntheses, descriptive studies that illuminate education conditions and contexts, and studies that rigorously investigate education processes and mechanisms.
(3) Methods. These studies advance understanding of theoretical and technical features of measurement and research design and describe advances in data analysis and data modeling.

Responsibilities of the JREE Editor(s)
The editor and editorial team is responsible for accepting and rejecting manuscripts based on the quality of the scholarship presented and the suitability of the subject matter for JREE, guiding manuscripts through the review process using a designated Web-based system, overseeing revisions, soliciting content as necessary, planning content for issues, and reporting on JREE matters to the SREE Board of Directors. The new editor(s) will assume responsibility for the 2023 volume year (Volume 16) and will begin to receive manuscripts in July 2022 for publication in 2023. The current editors will serve through December 2022, primarily handling revised manuscripts and manuscripts already in the pipeline for publication for the second half of 2022. The new editor(s) should expect to serve through December 31, 2025.

Applicants and nominees should be scholars with background and interests appropriate for JREE. Nominees should possess managerial and organizational skills as well as publishing/editorial experience. They should be knowledgeable about the field and open to new activity and/or directions in the field and in scholarly publishing, including the adoption of Open Science standards. Nominees also should be able to exercise good judgment in building a diverse editorial board and selecting ad hoc reviewers. They should also be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with authors. Skills in conflict resolution are highly desirable. Editors are also expected to maintain the highest ethical standards with respect to scientific publication.

To support the Journal and the Editorial team, the publisher provides editorial and management services. SREE staff will also support the Editorial team.

In 2021, SREE added a new editorial position, a Methodological Transparency Editor. The current Editor will continue to serve in this role until the end of this Editorial Board’s term (December 2025). This editor has two primary roles: facilitating Journal adoption and implementation of open science policies, and reviewing the use of open science practices in empirical manuscripts submitted to the Journal. This role is distinct from our Methodology editor, who reviews studies about research methodology.


The SREE Board encourages participation by members of underrepresented groups in the publication process and would particularly welcome such nominees for the Editorship. Self-nominations also are encouraged. 


Nomination or Application Process

SREE encourages individuals and/or teams to indicate their interest in the JREE editorship by March 31, 2022.

To nominate a corresponding editor please send names for the candidate(s).  All nominees will be sent a letter of instruction on how to apply.

To apply for consideration as a corresponding editor: If you are interested in serving, please indicate your interest in applying by submitting a brief statement of interest and a CV.

Send questions, nominations, and applications to [email protected].