Peter Schochet is a Senior Fellow at Mathematica Policy Research in Princeton, N.J. An internationally-known methodological expert in experimental and non-experimental evaluations of interventions in education, employment, and welfare, he has been at Mathematica since 1991. Dr. Schochet received a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University and in the intervening years has lectured on evaluation design at universities in both the U.S. and Europe. He has led the design and analysis of large-scale impact studies of major federal programs including Job Corps, Early Reading First, Early Head Start, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and the Workforce Investment Act. Schochet has authored methodological reports on a range of causal inference topics developed while serving as principal investigator on IES-funded projects to provide methodological expertise to the Regional Educational Labs. His current methods research is focused on developing new design-based methods to analyze data from RCTs and QEDs and associated user-friendly software (RCT-YES) to help promote the conduct of impact evaluations by local and state education agencies. His peer-reviewed articles have appeared in the American Economic ReviewEvaluation ReviewJournal of Educational and Behavioral StatisticsJournal of Policy Analysis Management, and Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. Dr. Schochet serves as Consulting Editor at ER and is on the Editorial Board of JEBS and JREE.

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