Spring 2018

The Evidence Behind Evidence Use: 
When Does Education Research Inform Practice?

The Spring 2018 conference will explore the adoption and implementation of effective research-based practice. 
The past two decades have been a period of significant improvement in the rigor underlying education research. Informed by measurement standards and methodological designs from a diversity of scientific fields, researchers are now able to identify and differentiate the sources of impact variation, within and between, developmental pathways and educational settings. Many studies, and increasingly collections of studies, provide causal evidence that support the expansion of policies and programs with demonstrable results. 
While evidence has influenced policy and practice in specific cases, compelling educational outcomes often are not effectively communicated within the collaborative community of research and practice.

Among the questions to be explored:
  • Where has policy and practice been particularly responsive to the interpretation of 
    evidence-based research, and what may we learn from these outcomes?
  • How does the process through which research occurs impact its utility?
  • Is it meaningful to distinguish between the intervention assessed, research methods employed and communication with stakeholders?
  • How should we balance the limitations of the generalizability of research findings with the goal of supporting practical and scalable interventions in complex educational settings?

The Spring 2018 conference is organized around content areas focused on:
Early Childhood Education
Innovations in Teacher Preparation & Education
Research ↔ Practice in Local Educational Agencies
Research ↔ Practice: University-Based Collaborations
Research ↔ Practice at the National Level
Education and Life Cycle Transitions
Educational Effectiveness in Global Contexts
Research Methods