2024 Awards and Funding Opportunities

This year, SREE has the following funding opportunities available for those interested in attending the Annual Conference

We highly encourage applicants to consider applying for both the Researchers of Color Mentored Travel Award and a Conference Attendance Grant, if applicable. If you apply for both, please note that priority will be given to the Researches of Color Mentored Travel Award. However, if an applicant is not successful in securing an award, their Conference Attendance Grant application will be subsequently reviewed. Please note that it is not possible to receive both an award and a conference grant.

For questions, please email [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at #SREE2024!

Researchers of Color Mentored Travel Award

Deadline to Apply: July 15, 2024

SREE has a limited number of awards available to cover conference registration, hotel, and travel. Those who receive an award are expected to participate in the conference mentorship program. Awardees will be paired with one or more SREE members to help them navigate the meeting, make connections, and to be a sounding board throughout the event. Submit your application here.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:
1) Must be an early career professional within five years of earning a graduate degree or a current graduate student
2) Identify as an underrepresented minority, which includes individuals of races or ethnicities whose representation in the field of education research is smaller than their representation in the U.S. population. This includes Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, and American Indians or Alaska Natives (https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsf23315/faqs)
3) Research area of interest aligns with SREE's mission 
4) The applicant is eligible to work in the United States and is able to submit a W9 to SREE


Conference Attendance Grants

Deadline to Apply: August 5, 2024

Funding has been established to assist members who are experiencing financial limitations and do not have institutional and/or grant support to make it easier to attend the annual conference. Awardees can be granted up to $1,000 in registration and travel assistance. For more information and to submit your application, go here and apply by August 5th. To contribute to the conference attendance fund and help SREE continue to offer financial support to our members, make a donation here


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