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Virtual Spring 2020 Conference Opportunities

Note: All listed virtual presentation times are Eastern Standard, unless otherwise stated.




Evidence for Federal Agencies: Assessing the Evidence Act at the One-Year Mark
Professional Development Session: June 10, 1:00-2:00 PM

Moderator: Andy Feldman, Grant Thornton Public Sector

Rekha Balu, MDRC
Nick Hart, Data Coalition
Kate Tromble, Results for America 

Join us for a discussion with federal evidence experts and thought leaders about the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, which was enacted just over a year ago. We will examine what the legislation is designed to do, its impact to date on federal agencies, and its longer-term potential. We will also consider early lessons from the legislation for education experts and policymakers, at all levels of government, looking to strengthen a culture of evidence-based decision making.



6F. Afterschool Strategies to Strengthen the STEM Pipeline in Grades 4-12

Invited SymposiumJune 17, 1:00-2:00 PM

Section: Organization of Schools and Systems

Organizer: Andrea Beesley, SRI International

Building Mathematical Identity After School: Results of a Cluster-Randomized Trial

Andrea D. Beesley, SRI International, and Michaela Gulemetova, IMPAQ International

Design 2 Learn

Cheri Fancsali, Research Alliance for New York City Schools and Wendy Castillo, New York University

Long-term Impacts of After-School Robotics Programs: Five-Year Results from a Longitudinal Study

Alan Melchior, Brandeis University; Cathy Burack, Brandeis University; Matthew Hoover, Brandeis University; and Zora Haque, Brandeis University

Discussant: Gemma Lenowitz, Overdeck Foundation



Meet the Funders: Perspectives from Foundations

August 12, 1:00-2:00 PM

Moderator: Bethany Miller, Kresge Foundation

Jon Baron, Arnold Ventures
Rebecca Villarreal, Ascendium
Elliot Weinbaum, William Penn Foundation

Join program officers from several foundations for breakfast to hear about their current interest and opportunities in education research, evaluation, and implementation, as well as tips on how to work with this sector and prepare a successful application.



Democratizing Evidence in Education: The Search for Balance between Inclusivity and Expertise

Professional Development Session: August 19, 1:00-2:00 PM
Section: Use of Research Evidence across Settings & Organization of Schools and Systems

Moderator:Jim Kohlmoos, EDGE Consulting

Steven Fleischman, Change Dynamics
Ilene Berman, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Esther Quintero, Albert Shanker Institute
Ruth Curran Neild, Mathematica
Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Insight Policy Research




Session 4: Works in Progress Poster Session

4A. Academic Learning in Education Settings - In the Pipeline Poster Session

7. Works in Progress: Project DIMES- Diagnostic Instrument for Morphology of Elementary Students

Watch Presentation Recording     Abstract     Poster

TaeYeon Kwon, University of Florida; A. Corinne Huggins-Manley, University of Florida; Amanda P. Goodwin, Vanderbilt University; Jonathan Templin, University of Iowa; Amber E. Benedict, Arizona State University; and Mingying Zheng, University of Iowa

10. Opportunities to Earn Industry Certifications in High School: Implementation of Florida’s Career and Professional Education Act

Watch Presentation Recording     Abstract     Poster

Elizabeth Glennie, RTI International; Ben Dalton, RTI International; Siri Warkentien, RTI International; Erich Lauff, RTI International; Elizabeth Parish, RTI International; and Roger Studley, RTI International

4H. Use of Research Evidence across Settings - In the Pipeline Poster Session

42. Using Research Evidence to Understand Why Some Charter Schools Outperform Others

Rob Olsen, Westat and Sana Ahmed Wilder, Westat

43. Impact of a Comprehensive District-Level Digital Learning Policy on High School Outcomes

Amanda Danks, North Carolina State University

Session 7: Afternoon Poster Session

7A. Academic Learning in Education Settings - Afternoon Poster Session

2. Instructional Technology for Reading Remediation in Rural Settings: An Examination of Effectiveness and Efficiency

Watch Presentation Recording     Abstract     Poster

Benjamin Solomon, University at Albany, State University of New York; Brit'ny Stein, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative; Chase Kitterman, Oklahoma State University; and Debbie Enos, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative

7E. Research Methods - Afternoon Poster Session

Please address questions about the poster presentation to Gema Zamarro on Twitter @gema_zamarro

9. Student Academic Motivation and Non-Cognitive Skills: Improving Comparability across Cultures and Gender with the Anchoring Vignettes Method

Watch Presentation Recording     Abstract     Poster

Hanka Vonkova, Charles University; Gema Zamarro, University of Arkansas; Ondrej Papajoanu, Charles University; and Katerina Kralova, Charles University

7F. Social and Emotional Learning in Education Settings - Afternoon Poster Session

15. The Influence of Friendship Quality and Perceived Emotional Risk of Participation on Behavioral Engagement versus Cognitive Engagement

Arayana Harris, Hampton University; Krystal Thomas, Virginia Commonwealth University; Zewelanji Serpell, Virginia Commonwealth University; and Alicia Borre, Hampton University

7H. Use of Research Evidence across Settings - Afternoon Poster Session
23. How the Education Doctorate Teaches Leaders to Use Research Evidence
William A. Firestone, Rutgers University; Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota; Andrew S. Leland, Southern Illinois University; and Jill Alexa Perry, University of Pittsburgh

Session 10: Evening Poster Session

10E. Research Methods - Evening Poster Session

13. Pooling Standardized Test Scores Across States: Using NAEP to Standardize and Rescale

Ying Liu, University of Southern California; Janet Li, University of Southern California; Anna Saavedra, University of Southern California; and Shira Korn, University of Southern California
14. Everything in Moderation: Using Proximal and Distal Measures to Forecast the Long-Term Impacts of Math Interventions
Daniela Alvarez-Vargas, University of California - Irvine; Sirui Wan, University of California, Irvine; and Drew Bailey, University of California, Irvine

10H. Use of Research Evidence across Settings - Evening Poster Session

23. Individual and School-Level Capacity to Critically Evaluate Research: A Multilevel Organizational Analysis

Henry May, University of Delaware; Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, University of Delaware; Horatio Blackman, University of Delaware; Rui Wang, University of Delaware; Kati Tilley, University of Delaware; and Samantha Shewchuk, University of Delaware





What Would It Take to Change Your Inference? Quantifying the Discourse about Causal Inferences in the Social Sciences
Workshop: March 11 - Noon - 4:00 PM

Q&A available throughout, and extension from 4PM - 5PM.

Recording available directly from presenter.

Abstract     Quick Examples     Combined Frameworks

Ken Frank, Michigan State University