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Virtual Spring 2020 Conference Opportunities

Note: All listed virtual presentation times are Eastern Time, unless otherwise stated.




12F. Analyzing Complex Data Structures
Paper Session (Single Paper Presentation): September 23, 1:00-1:30 PM EDT

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Section: Research Methods

Weighting in Multilevel Models

Bing Tong, Michigan State University*, and Kimberly S. Kelly, Michigan State University



3B. Reaching Farther: Combining Data Sources to Extend and Enrich Research Findings
Symposium: September 30, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

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Section: Research Methods

Organizer: Sophie Litschwartz, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Characterizing Cross-Site Variation in Local Average Treatment Effects in Multisite RDD Contexts with an Application to Massachusetts High School Exit Exams
Sophie Litschwartz, Harvard University*; Luke Miratrix, Harvard University

Generalizing Randomized Trial Findings to a Target Population using Complex Survey Population Data
Ben Ackerman, Johns Hopkins University*; Catherine Lesko, Johns Hopkins University; Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins University

Lurking Inferential Monsters? Quantifying Selection Bias in Non-Experimental Evaluations of School Programs
Ben Weidman, Harvard University*; and Luke Miratrix, Harvard University

Discussant: Elizabeth Tipton, Northwestern University



Session 4: Works in Progress Poster Session

4A. Academic Learning in Education Settings - In the Pipeline Poster Session

7. Works in Progress: Project DIMES- Diagnostic Instrument for Morphology of Elementary Students

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TaeYeon Kwon, University of Florida; A. Corinne Huggins-Manley, University of Florida; Amanda P. Goodwin, Vanderbilt University; Jonathan Templin, University of Iowa; Amber E. Benedict, Arizona State University; and Mingying Zheng, University of Iowa

10. Opportunities to Earn Industry Certifications in High School: Implementation of Florida’s Career and Professional Education Act

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Elizabeth Glennie, RTI International; Ben Dalton, RTI International; Siri Warkentien, RTI International; Erich Lauff, RTI International; Elizabeth Parish, RTI International; and Roger Studley, RTI International


Session 7: Afternoon Poster Session

7A. Academic Learning in Education Settings - Afternoon Poster Session

2. Instructional Technology for Reading Remediation in Rural Settings: An Examination of Effectiveness and Efficiency

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Benjamin Solomon, University at Albany, State University of New York; Brit'ny Stein, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative; Chase Kitterman, Oklahoma State University; and Debbie Enos, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative


7E. Research Methods - Afternoon Poster Session

Please address questions about the poster presentation to Gema Zamarro on Twitter @gema_zamarro

9. Student Academic Motivation and Non-Cognitive Skills: Improving Comparability across Cultures and Gender with the Anchoring Vignettes Method

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Hanka Vonkova, Charles University; Gema Zamarro, University of Arkansas; Ondrej Papajoanu, Charles University; and Katerina Kralova, Charles University


7H. Use of Research Evidence across Settings - Afternoon Poster Session

23. How the Education Doctorate Teaches Leaders to Use Research Evidence

William A. Firestone, Rutgers University; Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota; Andrew S. Leland, Southern Illinois University; and Jill Alexa Perry, University of Pittsburgh





What Would It Take to Change Your Inference? Quantifying the Discourse about Causal Inferences in the Social Sciences
Workshop: March 11 - Noon - 4:00 PM

Q&A available throughout, and extension from 4PM - 5PM.

Recording available directly from presenter.

Abstract     Quick Examples     Combined Frameworks

Ken Frank, Michigan State University